Although Fall is officially here, we seem to have a slow start for relief from cooler temperatures in Texas. Starting fall traditions with your family is a sweet way to welcome the Autumn season. While there are many activities, shopping, and adventures in which you can participate, here are some of my favorite fall traditions that your family will enjoy. 

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Take a Scenic Train Ride
All ABOARD! Make reservations for a beautiful scenic train ride and take in all the sites. Some train rides will stop at their depots so you can climb off to experience local dining, shopping, and time for taking in the intriguing harvest sites. 

Visit the Farmer’s Market
The Austin area has charming farmer’s markets that operate throughout the year. You’ll find fresh fruits and veggies, including fall favorites, pumpkins, gourds, and apples for baking. Make it fun by seeing who can find the funniest odd-shaped pumpkin or gourd.

Bake Fall Treats
Fall is the perfect time to try new and long-standing family recipes. Use the delicious finds from the farmer’s market to bake pies, cakes, and all sorts of yummy treats!  

A bookworm’s dream…Texas Book Festival
The Texas Book Festival is the perfect time to meet authors and build anticipation for your favorite author’s next book or find a new favorite author. You may even have the opportunity to hear authors speak. The event is located in Downtown Austin.

Attend a football game
The season is among us. If you know anything about Texas, you are aware that football season is the end-all-be-all fun for many families. From little league to professional football, there is no shortage of teams to support and cheer on. 

Visit the State Fair of Texas
Do you enjoy carnival food and rides? The state fair is fun for all ages. There is something for everyone. Take dad to the auto show, jam to music with their concert series, or watch the Texas traditional rodeo. It is a drive from the Austin area but the road trip can be a fun time for family bonding.  

Participate in or Host a Bake-Off
A little baking competition is fun. Find a local bake-off and join in the fun. Can’t find one? Then host your own bake-off with family and friends. It is a great way to find and share with those you adore most. 

Host a Fall Party
Sometimes we just want to keep things simple and not spend a lot. You don’t need a lot of money for the sweetest fall party. If you do not care to host a big party, just make it magical for you and your little pumpkins. Watch your favorite fall movies or shows, bake or buy your favorite treats, and make some fun fall crafts to use as decor. I have fall crafts my kiddos made when they were younger that I still enjoy using as decorations each year. 

Whether you want to take a grand adventure to a fall’esque location or just keep it simple…Make it a movie night with treats, spending time with your family, and creating traditions will create special memories that your family will remember and enjoy. 


Patrice Hernandez
2X Best-Selling Author Patrice Hernandez was born and raised in Georgia. This Air Force Veteran has planted roots with her family in Austin, Texas. She holds her Bachelor's degree in Business and Master's in Business Administration(MBA). Patrice is an Entrepreneur, Writer, and Educator. She enjoys sharing magical moments in her life with hopes for others to see that we all experience beautiful moments each day. Moments that are filled with gratitude, love, and hope for all that we desire in life. You will often find this introvert writing her holiday script, educating others about the value of creating a vision board, or exploring the city of Austin and its most beautiful hiking spots. Discover the magic of positivity, kindness, gratitude, and all things LADY with Patrice.


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