If you’re anything like me, you can only read The Very Hungry Caterpillar so many times before you can no longer feign surprise when the caterpillar is still hungry. While we celebrate the over 50 year staying power of our larval butterfly friend, we also celebrate the authors bringing new picture books to our stores and libraries every day. Here are 10 new (and new-ish) picture books to add to your kids’ home library this Spring.

Mr. Thatcher’s House

Written and illustrated by Kristin Wauson

Sleeping Bear Press, August 2022

In Austin author Kristin Wauson’s picture book debut, we meet Mr. Thatcher, a DIY home improvement rabbit, as his never-finished house is approached by a familiar cast of characters. Pick up a signed copy at Book People or at the Bee Cave Book Festival April 1 at the Hill Country Galleria!

The Stack

Written and illustrated by Vanessa Roeder

Dial Books, March 2022

This bedtime story by Austin author Vanessa Roeder is perfect for the sleep-postponing child in your family. In this playfully illustrated book, Luna rhymes and reaches for the stars – literally – with a silly stack of objects that reaches to the sky, and Luna’s night light. Signed copies are available at Book People.

Frankie’s Favorite Food

Written and illustrated by Kelsey Garrity Riley

Tundra Books, August 2019

Frankie is the opposite of a picky eater; he likes all the foods and can’t decide on a favorite food to dress as for the school play. This book offers a great introduction to a variety of international foods and corny food puns to make your picky eaters giggle, and includes BIPOC representation.

Yetis Are The Worst

Written and Illustrated by Alex Willan

Simon and Schuster, November 2022

In this glitter-covered follow up to Unicorns Are The Worst and Dragons Are The Worst, we get another visit from Gilbert the goblin trying to prove the banality of another mythological creature. This silly tale has lots of side notes from the main narrative that make it perfect for beginning readers, and an opportunity to shout and cause an avalanche… of laughs.

Bathe The Cat

Written by Alice B. McGinty

Illustrated by David Roberts

Chronicle Books, February 2022

There are a ton of chores to do before Grandma comes over, including bathtime for the family cat, who has other ideas. The mischievous cat scrambles the list of chores until the family is feeding the floor, scrubbing the fish, mopping the baby, and all other manner of silly antics. Find out whether the cat successfully avoids a bath in this lol-worthy book with BIPOC and LGBTQ representation.

The Meanest of Meanies

Written by Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley

Illustrated by Paul Briggs

HarperCollins, March 2021

From momedian superduo of #IMOMSOHARD, it’s a book about all the mean ways moms care about their kids – waking them up for school, preparing their favorite foods, making them do their homework, cheering in the front row of their spelling bee – UGH CRINGE SO MEAN! Bonus: kids love a book that uses the word “pooper”.

Princess Charming

Written by Zibby Owens

Illustrated by Holly Hatam

In a world full of kids specializing in this sport and that activity, Princess Charming is a dabbler trying to find her thing, and that’s okay! From book blogger extraordinaire Zibby Owens and Dear Girl illustrator Holly Hatam comes a debut picture book about a girl who never gives up, and reveals a fun, familiar twist at the end.

A World of Mindfulness

Written and illustrated by the staff of Pajama Press

Pajama Press, October 2020

A World of Mindfulness is a beautifully illustrated anthology including a diverse cast of characters from the editors and illustrators of Pajama Press that helps introduce children to the concepts of calm, grounding, and mindfulness. It’s a short, thoughtful book rich with sensory detail that will even calm parents down at bedtime after a hectic day.

The Listening Walk

Written by Paul Showers

Illustrated by Aliki

HarperCollins, January 1993

This is a book that focuses on the sense of hearing and slowing down our increasingly noisy and busy lives. A great introduction to onomatopoeia, The Listening Walk challenges children to explore their curiosity and revel in the natural world around them. Take a listening walk with the little girl, her dog, and her dad.


Written and illustrated by Rebecca Bender

Pajama Press, March 2022

Why obey when you can dance? Dotty is a dachshund who fails obedience school because she’d rather pirouette and jete than sit and stay. A light-hearted story of showing what you can do for the free-spirited child in your family.

What picture books are you adding to your collection this Spring?


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