As I was writing this blog, I thought my perfect day anywhere would be different if it was a day solo or a day with my children. So, as some adventure stories go; I will have two perfect days mentioned below: one with kids, and one just a mom out on the town. Let’s explore the perfect day in Lakeway:

Adventure 1 – A Day in Lakeway (with kids)

When looking for activities for you and your kids, it’s fun to include a variety of options. Not necessarily that you would do everything in one day, but if I was trying to fill a day of activities from 7 AM to 7 PM in Lakeway (with my kids) here is what we would do.

We would start our day at one of our favorite breakfast places, Vivel for crêpes. (There are actually two locations in the Lakeway area). My girls and I love eating there, because you can choose any kind of crepe, or you can build your own. I personally love the Nutella crêpe.

Once breakfast is over, we would get outside for a morning activity before it gets too hot. There are lots of outdoor activities and opportunities in the Lakeway, Bee Cave and Lake Travis areas. Depending on the heat, how much money you want to spend and how much time you have all would play into which you pick. Some of our favorites are playing chess and walking around the Bee Cave sculpture garden, walking the trails and playing at the Bee Cave Park, or keeping cool at the Lakeway swim center.

For lunch, we would hit up my kid’s favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A. They have an indoor playground and air condition, so we can cooldown, have lunch and play some more.

In the afternoon, we would head over to the Hill Country Galleria. We would spend time at the library, where we will choose our books for the week and participate in one of their many activities.

After our time at the library, we would grab a snack from our favorite Amy’s ice cream. It is also located in the Hill Country Galleria.

Now, if it was up to my daughters, they would probably want to hit up a few stores in the galleria for shopping, but that probably would not happen – lol. Instead, I would let them run around the open grassy lawn in front of the library. There are several restaurants close by, so I could grab a water or something to drink while they played.

After everyone was nice and sweaty, we would head home for baths, dinner, bedtime. Then we would start over the next day.

Adventure 2 – A Day in Lakeway (Solo)

Wow! Look at you girl, you have a solo day to do WHATEVER YOU WANT! And, in a gorgeous area of Austin.

To be honest, as a busy Mom…if I had a solo day, I would sleep in! THEN, I would get out to start my relaxing day in the Lakeway area. And to do that, I would head straight to the Hill Country Galleria.

My day would consist of 6 stops:

a lavender latte at Runaway Luna

-morning Goat Yoga at GOGA

-relaxation at Milk and Honey spa (mani, pedi, massage, the works!)

-lunch at All Star Burger (the Visionary burger and sweet potato fries are my jam)

-catching a chick flick at the movie theater

-a quick drink at Jules Design bar (you will want the Plantation Pineapple Rum Old Fashioned)

Finally, if you still have time to kill, then hit up some of the fun and unique boutiques, such as, PAIYH or Adorn).

…then head home. I am already dreaming of this day.  What would you add to your perfect day?


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