Just when you thought the posters on your teenage bedroom walls had hung up their muscle tees and frosted tips for good, the popstars aligned and brought us the *NSYNC reunion we’ve waited over 20 years for. ICYMI, the heartthrobs appeared at the 2023 VMAs and have since announced a brand new song (coming 9/29). This “love letter to the fans” isn’t quite making any promises of more albums or a reunion tour (yet)—but this unexpected reunion is tearin’ up our hearts!

Here are 5 things this epic *NSYNC reunion means for Moms:

You’ll actually want to watch a movie with your kids. The guys officially announced their FIRST song together in 23 years! “Better Place” comes out on September 29 and will be heavily featured in the new Trolls: Band Together movie. In the film, Justin’s character, Branch, reunites with his former boy band (OMG!) I’m sure you’ve watched Trolls 1 and 2 over and over with your littles, now it’s time for Mama’s Version. Permission to retire “Sunshine in my Pocket” GRANTED!

You’re fully capable of appreciating a DADDY now. 4/5 of the *NSYNC guys are fathers! With (modified-for-knee-injuries) moves like theirs and the ability to cradle a mic like a newborn, your ovaries will surely start to smoke. 

You’ll realize how much your taste has changed. By now you’re reasonable and experienced and have had your heart broken plenty. You know that the “hottest/always center of attention” guy isn’t always the best choice (*cough* and could totally be exposed in Britney’s new memoir *cough*) You’ll notice your attention has now shifted to Joey. He looks like he could provide a stable, loving future with lots of laughs. Plus did you see him in that suit?!

You can buy your own tickets. Am I saying there WILL be an official reunion tour? No. Will your kids have anything left in their college fund if there is? Also no. 

Oh! If there is a reunion tour, you can totally drink now. Do you like your nostalgia shaken or stirred?

You suddenly don’t feel so lost in Target’s Wild Fable section anymore. The cargo pants and butterfly clips make way more sense in a time when *NSYNC is back together again. 

IF *NSYNC makes a full comeback (pretty please!), they better be ready for us. We’ve traded our training bras for nursing bras and we’re bringing snacks!


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