Breastfeeding Didn’t Come Naturally, and I Wasn’t Okay

When my newborn son wouldn’t breastfeed, I completely unraveled: breastfeeding didn't come naturally. I had planned to nurse him for his first year and simply would not accept that this might not happen. The...

I was a Crunchy Mama Fraud!

“So what would you like to do with your placenta?” my compassionate Midwife inquired. “Yeah sure I’ll keep that.” I half-heartedly returned. (I heard it was good for you and…stuff…?) “OK then! Where is your ice chest...
Excited to Stop Breastfeeding

Reasons Why I’m Excited to Stop Breastfeeding

After the pregnancy test confirmed my suspicions there were so many decisions I needed to make. When do I tell my husband? Should I get a doula? What type of birthing classes did I...
nursing bra

Life in a Nursing Bra

With the birth of my second child on Feb. 1st, life has transitioned in many ways...surviving the newborn fog, learning to be a family of four, and of course: breastfeeding. Thank goodness for no...
natural birth

I Wanted a Natural Birth

When I was pregnant with my first baby I really, really, really wanted a natural birth. I had it all planned out. I was going to go to a local birthing center where their...

Winter Is Coming! And Virus After Virus. What Do Moms Do?

As moms, I wonder how we survive sick season. I mean we already have treasured, minimal, light sleep…So add in a sick kid or two, then what?  When kids are sick we can pretty...
breast cancer awareness

Lessons in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Today started with the normal routine: wake up, take the kid to daycare, start work, yada yada. Most of my team was out of the office, it was pretty quiet, and I felt like...
sibling complex

The Sibling Size Complex: A Big Girl And A Small Boy

  I have two kids. One eats everything and the other eats nothing. One is in the 80th percentile and the other is in the 5th percentile. One is 3.5 and the other is 1.5. One is a...
mom time

Is There Such a Thing as Mom Time With Littles?

Where does the time go? Not only are my kids born and two seconds later they are suddenly doing the baby drunk walk, but then my oldest is at pre-school. They say "the days...
Chose To Formula Feed

Why I Chose To Formula Feed

Ok friends, here we go. The big breast - well in my case now very small - debate. I actually don’t want to debate any of you, I am on 4 hours of sleep...