italian food

Best Italian Food in Austin

I love to eat, cook, and write about Italian food. My grandmother was from Sicily and her family recipes introduced me to the wonders of real Italian cuisine. Classic Italian food is simple, delicious,...
Winter Storm Uri

What I Will Do Differently After Winter Storm Uri

I am a native Texan. We do not prepare for Winter Storms. We usually just have to hunker down for a day or two if it sleets or snows an inch, if that. We...
Spring Break

50 COVID-Friendly Activities for Spring Break

A year ago the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If someone had told me then that we would still be in the midst of it for Spring Break 2021, I would...
wine bars

Best Wine Bars in Austin

Friday night dates are something my husband and I try to stick with on a weekly basis. We plan for them by lining up regular childcare and booking reservations in advance. If it's on...
Healthy Restaurants

Businesses in Austin Still Requiring Masks

Despite, Gov. Greg Abbott's announcement many Austin businesses refuse to change their mask protocols just yet. Gov. Abbott announced on March 2 that he is opening Texas "100%" in addition to lifting the mask mandate in...

Best Smoothies In Austin

If Y'ALL follow me on Instagram, you know I have an affinity for green smoothies. I try to enjoy a smoothie almost daily, and it's an amazingly energizing way to start the day! As a...
Valentine's Day in Austin

69 ways to spend your Valentine’s Day in Austin

Valentine's Day is THIS weekend and depending on how you and your significant other plan to spend it, you could already be behind. It is sometimes hard to come up with fresh ideas for...
Date Ideas

10 Out of the Box Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Tired of doing the same old boring thing for Valentine’s Day? Dinner, chocolate, and flowers are the traditional ways to celebrate this special day. This year, wouldn’t it be perfect to be more innovative...
Surviving the Winter

10 Ways to Be Creative this Winter in Austin

Winter is normally gloomy and cold. The weather is a great sleep motivator but not conducive to productivity. Even though Austin's beautiful weather occasionally blesses us with clear skies and sunshine, it can still...
Drive-n Movie Theaters

Best Drive-in Movie Theaters in Austin

Remember the days when we could all sit freely in a full house movie theater, popping popcorn in our mouths, drinking the extra-large sodas or fruit juices, and nachos filled with what I like...