You don’t have to be a stay at home mom or even a mom for that matter to know that there’s an ever-growing list of “multilevel marketing” opportunities to choose from.



All you have to do is log in to Facebook and I’m sure you know a handful of people that are selling this or selling that or emailing you to get you to join their team. I can’t tell you how many brochures I’ve been mailed, parties I’ve been invited to, and friends I’ve had reach out to me about joining their (blank) team.

It’s all very enticing, really. I mean they are all geared towards women, you can work as much or as little as you want, they offer a flexible schedule, and they are great for moms who want to stay at home with the kids and still bring in income. For me personally, I’ve only considered one opportunity and just have so much going on to actually pull the trigger on the commitment; however, I’m hoping to join a team in the near future.

I thought I’d take today to highlight some of the hottest Multilevel Marketing opportunities out there. Or rather just the ones that pop up in my newsfeed, inbox, and occasionally on our bank statement. I’d LOVE to hear from you about your thoughts regarding these opportunities.

Are you a seller? Are you a buyer? Have you thought about joining a multi-level marketing company? Have you joined one and had little to no success? Or have you had major success and scoot around town in your pink Cadi? TELL ME!!!

*** Please note: All rates/fees are based from the original run date of this blog, 11.13.12 ***

  • Thirty-One: $99 to join- You know Thirty-One as the faith-based company who was named after Proverbs 31. You also know them as the company that sells the adorable bags, picnic blankets, baskets, etc. I have at least 4 bags and a picnic blanket.
  • Mary Kay: $100 to join- Mary Kay is probably one of the most recognizable companies out there selling makeup and skincare. As soon as you see a pink Cadillac you know immediately that you’re in the presence of a top performing Mary Kay sales rep.
  • Scentsy: $99 to join- You know Scentsy the moment you walk into someone’s home who owns one. They are the wick-less candle that comes in an array of scents and that melt in the most beautiful warmers that go with anyone’s motif. I have several in my home.
  • Pampered Chef: Pampered Chef is a kitchen’s best friend and carries all your cooking needs! I have their pizza stone.
  • Rodan + Fields: $395-$995 to join- Rodan + Fields was developed by the same people who developed Proactiv and is a dermatology skin care line that fights aging, anti-aging, acne scars, etc. R+F was once sold at Nordstrom.
  • Arbonne: Free to $79 to join- Arbonne is a skin care and cosmetic line similar to that of Mary Kay, but is based on botanical principles. I have an array of products in my bathroom, shower, and tub.
  • Beauti Control: Beauti Control is a beauty company that specializes in spa treatments, personalized skin care, and advanced anti-aging products through a spa like experience. I have quite a few Beauti Control products in my bathroom compliments of a friend that sells it as well as my own purchases.
  • Willow House: $99 to join- I LOVE Willow House and wish I could have more of it in my home! They sell all sorts of home décor, platters, serving pieces, and a smorgasbord of items to get you ready for the holidays!
  • Stella and Dot: $199 to join- I see so much Stella & Dot pop up in my newsfeed on Facebook! It is the Mary Kay of jewelry. They have gorgeous jewelry, but I just haven’t taken the plunge in purchasing because I have an easy obsession for Kendra Scott.
  • Fibi & Clo: Fibi and Clo is so unique because they sell shoes!! And it’s pretty cool, because the founder is from Texas. We’ve featured a Fibi and Clo giveaway on the blog before and we still love Fibi and Clo.
  • Chloe & Isabel: Chloe and Isabel is one of the newer multilevel marketing companies that I’ve heard of and they sell jewelry. Their pieces are fun and funky, but still so classy.
  • Moonstruck by Younique: Have thousands of eyeballs {eyelashes rather} been flooding your newsfeed? Thanks to Moonstruck by Younique, you can now have longer lashes than ever before!

So tell us… have you purchased from any of these companies? Which one do you recommend joining and why? I’d love to become rich off multilevel marketing!!!


  1. You just have to find a company that you are passionate about, and then be a product of the product! My passion is health and nutrition! We don’t eat like our grandparents used to, and I’m not just talking about processed foods. Even when trying to eat healthy, the soil is depleted of many nutrients and it’s not like it was 100 years ago, or even 50 years ago.

    The company I chose is called Isagenix ( and it is seriously amazing guys. My husband kind of chuckled at me when I started, but then he was diagnosed with cancer in April 2015. He started asking me questions, reading about cancer and nutrition, and now he uses more products than I do (oh yeah and he has a PhD in immunology so he understands this stuff)! Y’all…I’m passionate about this and I believe in it wholeheartedly.

    One of the many great things about this company (besides not carrying any inventory) is there is no end to your downline, repeat after me, THERE IS NO END TO YOUR DOWNLINE. This means there is no end to your earning capacity. Many network marketing companies have a cap so, for example, after your 5th generation down you do not continue to earn money. When you have no end to your downline your entire team wants to help you succeed no matter where you are in relation to them so the support and knowledge are limitless. Love, love, love!

    Again, find something you are passionate about, something that just radiates from you and that is what will make you successful! Good luck!

    Feel free to email me at [email protected]

  2. One correction on the Rodan + Fields start up costs. It’s only $45 to become a consultant. You have the option of purchasing a product kit at 50% off of retail to get you started but it is optional. We have been featured recently in allure magazine and Redbook magazine as a great way to join the social commerce business! Both are currently on magazine stands if you want to hear more. I am also happy to help anyone interested in pursuing a future with Rodan + Fields! Best wishes in whatever you decide (or have decided) to pursue. R+F is changing skin and changing lives!!


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