It’s almost that time again! Back to school is upon us … 21 days for those of you who are counting. 😉 And you know how much I love a good photograph to capture a memory … so I wanted to share a few ideas for you in case you might be having trouble thinking of what kinds of photographs to take as you are going to three different HEBs for school supplies (tip. next year … get those supplies in June).

1. Grab a prop — just one, maybe two, please. No need for apples and rulers and a desk and fake glasses and a globe. Keep it simple. Have your kiddo balance an apple (or a book) on their head or hold a ruler while looking down at the ruler. If you want the vintage desk in the field you’ll need to take that picture a week before. Or have them sit on the ground cross-legged with one apple and look up at you while you shoot from above. Sweet. Simple and yet Adorable.

Back to School Photography by Katie Eaton Photography for Austin Moms Blog-1

2. Chalk sign — write the first day of school/the date and what they want to be when they grow up on the sign! It’s fun to see what they *think* they want to be when they grow up. AND — if they are able, have them write on the sign themselves. Don’t print it from a computer. Let them be kids and have fun with it! If their letters are backwards — even cuter!

3. Find a bus — sure, this one might prove to be difficult — but the pictures are OH so cute. Have them sit on the steps of the open bus door — or on the bumper in the front. I got a fabulous one last year as my daughter got off the bus on her first day!

Back to School Photography by Katie Eaton Photography for Austin Moms Blog-1-4

4. Sidewalk chalk — have them lay flat and write the grade they are going into and then shoot from a ladder straight above them. Or, have them on their tummy and write the school year in front of them and then you shoot from the ground.

5. Or — what I really love doing … is photographing my daughter packing her backpack for the first day and just photographing her wearing her backpack and sitting on the steps waiting for the first bell. The anticipation in her face is awesome. Don’t get me wrong — last year I put her in a field and hung apples from a tree … but those aren’t the ones hanging on my wall.

Back to School Photography by Katie Eaton Photography for Austin Moms Blog-1-3


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