Hi there Austin moms!  Today’s post is a little different from our regular content…and centers around a call to action for a local family.

The Crane family moved here two years ago in a effort to help their son’s heart….the altitude in Colorado was proving to be a hindrance to his health.  He was born with a rare heart defect and doctors told mom Lisa she should terminate the pregnancy.  Years later, Sebastian is still fighting for his life.  His heart will eventually fail, but until then, they encourage him to live life to the fullest…and I can personally attest that he sure does.  Sebastian or “Ash” has the most adorable smile and twinkle in his eye.

This past July, the Crane’s oldest child Emmalee was having severe stomach pains and after several ER visits and repeatedly being told that it was constipation, mom Lisa put her foot down and went to Houston for a second opinion.  Right away the doctor knew what it was….a soft tissue cancer.  It turned out that the huge mass causing her pain had been in her body since infancy, silently growing and taking over her body.  Since July, she has undergone chemo and will begin radiation soon, involving weekly trips to Houston.  In support of Emmalee, almost the whole family has bald heads…

Crane family-5

I’m part of the board of volunteers putting on the “Caring For The Cranes” benefit (which is coming along to potentially be a HUGE family-friendly event), and wanted to share it with all of you Austin moms, as I know the power of a community in action.  This family is in desperate need of support and prayers.  The benefit will be at Texas Old Town in Kyle on November 16 from 3pm-7pm and will include PoK-e-Jo’s BBQ, carnival, silent auction, music and more.  I realize that most of you might not be able to attend the benefit, but I ask for your consideration to donate to Caring For The Cranes, and to possibly even get your kids involved.  You can visit www.caringforthecranes.com for their entire story, ways to donate, and details of the benefit…or feel free to contact me directly (Kristen).

Please read their story….I promise it will touch your heart and motivate you to share with others.  Here’s a little exerpt from it:

Having one child that is terminal and another who is fighting for her life, we try to keep close to each other and remember that with great sorrow comes great joy. One day our “happily ever after” will come but ’till then we will keep living and fighting through our trials, knowing all the while our life is also full of great joy.

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