Show and Tell Ideas, A-Z



Show and Tell. It’s a great thing. It gives your child the opportunity to practice public speaking skills. It encourages creativity. A sense of pride. Kids learn from each other. It’s something to look forward to each week. The list of positives goes on and on.

However, it can be difficult to come up with a new idea every week. It’s actually funny and ironic that I am authoring this post because MY son brings one of his lego creations EVERY SINGLE WEEK for show and tell. His teacher has GOT to be bored. His classmates have GOT to be bored. I can’t imagine what he could even say from week to week about the lego creation (that to me, looks IDENTICAL to the one he brought the prior week). He couldn’t care less. But for those of you whose children are willing to broaden their horizons a bit, here is a list to get your wheels spinning!

Awards: Does your child have trophies, medals, or certificates they have received from sports, hobbies, or classes they have taken? This is a great opportunity for them to tell their classmates a little bit about what they like to do outside of class, as well as brag on themselves a bit.

Book: Do they have a favorite book they love to read? They can tell their class about it, tell them why they like it, or maybe even read part of it to them.

Collection: Lego guys? Super heroes? Marbles (do children even collect marbles anymore? Probably not, but you get the idea)

Drawing or Artwork: Something they have created, that they are proud of

Excellent: Is there something your child is “excellent” at? A skill they have perfected, or are learning? Let them show it off to their friends and teacher!

Family photo: This would give your child an opportunity to tell his or her classmates about some of the most important people in their life.

Gift: A special gift they have received, a gift from a special PERSON, a gift they recently earned, for having accomplished something, etc

Hobby: Are they involved in martial arts? Bring in their belt. Dance? Bring in their dance shoes. Piano? Bring in some sheet music. Let your child share with his class his accomplishments, what she has learned, why he enjoys the hobby, what she thinks is difficult about it, etc.

Invention: Give your child the opportunity to “invent” something, and then share their “I”dea with the class!

Junk Drawer: Go through a junk drawer in your house. You are bound to find some random, forgotten, but possibly interesting “treasure” that your child could share.

Kitchen: let them help you bake something, and then bring in what they’ve made. Maybe the teacher will even allow everyone to sample a bite.

Lego Creation: I refuse to elaborate on this one 🙂

Mask or costume: If your child is like mine, they LOVE to dress up. Let them bring their favorite costume to try on for their friends!

Nature: Go on a nature walk with your child, and let them choose something from the walk that they think is interesting.

Old picture of themselves: Your child’s classmates will think its fun to see what their friend looked like as a baby!

Person or Pet: I’ve always thought this one would be fun, but have never actually done it. Not that I could anyway, because it would get in the way of the Lego-sharing. But how fun would it be for your child to “show and tell” their new baby brother? Or the grandma who is oh-so-special to them? It would obviously need to be coordinated with the teacher, but it would definitely be something fun and unique, that not many other kids have done.

Quilt: (or blanket) that was special to them when they were little

Room: Is your child’s room decorated in a certain theme that they love? Superheroes? Princesses? Could your child bring something from their bedroom, or even a picture of it, to give their classmates a sneak peak into what their space at home looks like?

Stuffed Animal: A stuffed animal that your child used to (or still does) sleep with.

Teach: Is there something your child knows how to do, that they can teach the rest of the class?

Underwear: Just kidding. I’ve got nothing for this one. Maybe you can help the rest of us out, and give us a “U” idea in the comment section below?

Vacation memorabilia: A souvenir from a recent trip? Sand or a seashell from the beach? A rock found on the mountain you hiked? Mouse ears from Disney?

Work: Let your child bring in something that has to do with Mom or Dad’s job. Is dad a realtor? Bring in a “for sale” sign, and talk about what your dad does. Is mom a chiropractor? Bring in a doll, and give a simple demonstration of what she does.

X-ray: Has your child broken a bone? Had to wear a cast? Bring it in, and tell the class about the injury!

Yester year: Am I grasping at straws here with this one? XYZ are not easy letters, thank you very much. Seriously though…have your child sit down with a grandparent or great grandparent, and let them share a story about their own childhood. Then, ask if they have some keepsake that could be shared with your child’s class.

Zoo: I don’t know. A picture you took at the zoo. Because what else besides “zoo” starts with the letter “z”??

Hope you have found these helpful. We would LOVE to hear YOUR clever ideas below!!


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