middle child

There are a lot of stereotypes about the middle child of the family. In a lot of ways, my middle child fits those stereotypes perfectly. He is feisty, stubborn, and strong willed. His no fear attitude is making me go gray sooner than expected. He is often my hardest kid to discipline, but often makes me laugh the hardest too. In true second child fashion, he is also wonderful at defying all of those silly stereotypes, and turning them into his very best qualities.

I have seen him use these strong traits to his advantage. His take charge attitude would be a great trait for a future businessman that refuses to take no for an answer. If he sets his mind to it, he could become the best lawyer or politician, with his ability to provide the best argument that will get his opinions heard. He thinks outside the box, and uses his creativity to problem solve in ways that blows my mind for such an early age. His determination and sense of independence is sure to take him to the finish line on anything he puts his mind to.

I have already seen him both embrace and defy so many middle child stereotypes. What some may see as a downfall, to be squished in the middle of the big and the little, he sees as a great privilege. He gets to be a little brother AND a big brother. His bond is already so strong with BOTH of his brothers. He looks up to his big brother with adoring eyes, then can turn around to protect and comfort his baby brother as well.

There’s so much good that comes from the middle. Who doesn’t love the middle of an Oreo or the middle of a cinnamon roll? Its often the best part! A puzzle is not complete if you’re missing the middle. And he is our family’s perfect middle piece. Our family would not be complete, and not nearly as fun, without him.

To my middle,

You are MY perfect middle. You showed up in the middle of a downpour of heartache in my life. After two tough years of miscarriage and loss, you were the hope in the middle of my storm. You taught me to embrace obstacles because they often turn into something better than I could have imagined. During your first year, the middle of the night was our special time. I have cherished memories of rocking your in your nursery, in the middle of the night, feeling so blessed and thankful for you.

Now that your personality is in full bloom, you have the perfect way of brightening up the middle of sour moods in our house. With your mischievous eyes and flirty smile, you can bring out laughter right in the middle of darkness. 

Your favorite spot is sandwiched right in the middle of snuggles at bedtime. No way do you fall for the myth that the middle child is an outsider. You push your way right in the middle of the smallest space, and always seem to fit right in.

In the middle of a meltdown, I learn a lot about grace and patience. You are determined and often ask for forgiveness, not permission, teaching me to adjust and alter my parenting style often. You help me to be a better mom every day.

Although you do not enjoy being the center of attention, you are the center of this family. You bring out the best in all of us, and I don’t know what we would do without our middle. 



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