Michelle Tate

Michelle is a native Austinite. A former Elementary school teacher, she now stays at home with her boys, Mason (2011), Hudson (2015), and Brady (2017). She has been married to her college sweetheart, Brian, since 2008. She enjoys traveling, sewing and refinishing furniture, reading and spending time with family and friends.
chem-free pest and lawn

The Real Truth About Raccoon Home Invasion | Chem-Free

The Real Truth About Raccoon Home Invasion, Chem-Free Pest and Lawn - Picture this.... You stumble into the kitchen to pour that much-needed cup of coffee before the kids storm the kitchen. As you pass...

Is Pandemic Life Inviting More Pests Into Your Life? | Chem-Free Pest Control

With young kids at home, we haven’t ventured out much since March (ie: the beginning of the longest spring break EVER). So as we get more and more cozy at home, we might also...

Organic pest control that’s actually effective

Organic pest control that’s actually effective I once thought that you couldn’t keep pests away from your home without the constant use of harsh chemicals. To my surprise, harsh chemicals don’t have to be...

5 pest control myths dispelled

5 pest control myths dispelled. Summer is in full force here in Central Texas and my family has already seen an increase of pests trying to make their way into our home to escape...

New Mom = New Pest Control

Children and pest control Along with the long list of things I didn’t make a priority before kids, pest control was hardly on my radar in my pre-kid days. Then my babies came along and suddenly...

Green Pest Control at Home & School

  With a new school year approaching, schools are gearing up to welcome large amounts of students in the upcoming weeks. One thing I can’t help but think is that pests have found their way into...

Common Summer Pests & How To Get Rid Of Them

The countdown to summer has begun in our house. If you want to know how many more school days are left, just ask my kids. They are looking forward to summer fun with worn...

Meredith’s Mission for Melanoma

Meredith's Mission for Melanoma There once was a girl who dreamed of a white wedding dress and a fancy pair of shoes. She dreamed of fresh flowers and a handsome man standing at the end...

Summer Mosquito Risks To Pregnant Mamas

Summer Mosquito Risks To Pregnant Mamas Summer Mosquito Risks To Pregnant MamasSummer is coming and so are the mosquitoes that the Texas heat will bring! Mosquitoes are attracted to us as we exhale and sweat, and...

100 Things To Do In Austin Over Spring Break

I don’t know about you, but I live in Texas for the warm weather. I’m not a shovel-snow-kind-of girl. Okay, Okay, I tend to be a bit dramatic and Austin didn't actually get any snow,...