Happy Mail!

There is something about getting a package delivered that just makes me giddy.  Am I the only one?  I personally love the convenience of online shopping.  Things we need (or want), shipped straight to our door.  Clothes, gifts, necessities, even our groceries can get sent to us.  What’s not to love about it?  I personally think it’s a blessing for anyone, but if you’re a mom with little kids, you know very well how NOT FUN it is to run errands or take your kids shopping.  Online shopping is an absolute life saver for us. 

In recent years, a fun new twist in online shopping has emerged:  the subscription box!  There are SO many goodies that can get delivered to your door each month.  From school clothes to food, from educational items, household necessities, to absolutely adorable baby must-haves. 

There’s literally a fun subscription box out there for anyone and everyone.  They also make amazing gifts.  Quite literally the gift that keeps on giving!

Here are my absolute FAVORITE subscription boxes for kids: 

1.  The Preschool Box

Website:  https://www.thepreschoolbox.com

A local Austin mom created The Preschool Box.  She used to be a Kindergarten teacher prior to staying home with her three children.  Each month The Preschool Box ships you a box of goodies that helps you as the parent become a part of your pre-schooler’s early learning journey.  It’s chock full of activities that focus on early reading skills, colors, writing, and so much more.  It is ideal for 3-6 year olds and is designed to be educational, fun, and engaging.  

The first box really impressed me.  It came with so much stuff!  There was a book, water colors, colored cards, counters, and all the supplies needed for the creative learning activities.  We couldn’t wait to dive in. 

My son absolutely loves it.  There are so many activities that you can do a little bit each week throughout the month.

He loved the “A is for Alligator Craft” because anything with a googly eye is a win in his book!

Using play dough to create numbers was a great challenge for him.  I love that while practicing with numbers, he also got to work on his fine motor skills.  We had a blast searching for the flashcards around the house and then discussing them.  We repeated it day after day and I really felt like he had a better understanding of the letters and sounds.

Overall, we just love the Preschool Box!  For parents who are ready to incorporate more specific educational activities into the day with their preschooler, this is exactly what you need.  Parents need to be involved in the learning process with our kids.  Laying that foundation in a positive and fun way will without a doubt impact their educational experiences for years to come.


2.  Little Poppy Co. 

Classic black from our September bows

Website:  https://www.littlepoppyco.com

Switching gears from education, let me share with you my latest obsession.  The Little Poppy Co. bow subscription.  Yes – BOWS!  And not just any bows.  The cutest, most on-trend, high quality bows – ever!  The second I saw their Instagram feed, I knew I had to have them. 

We received a subscription as a gift and as soon as that runs out I will not hesitate for one minute to continue getting our bows.  My first born is a boy, so when baby number two came along and we found out she was a girl, I went a little crazy for bows. The really exciting part is that they keep the designs a surprise.

I’m not even that much of a girly-girl, but these stole my heart.  They are simple, sweet, classic, and get major bonus points for not ripping out my girl’s fine hair.


3.  Sensory TheraPlay Box

Website: https://sensorytheraplaybox.com

I have not personally tried this box, but I’ve heard such great things about it!  Every month your subscription box contains activities and sensory toys that are therapeutic in nature.  Directly from the website, their boxes contain “Toys that bring a smile to your child’s face, delivered to your door monthly. Wonderful items to help your child self regulate…or simply for fun therapeutic play!”

Also from the website: 

“Our wonderful sensory boxes are intended for children on the autism spectrum and/or children with sensory processing issues. Kiddos with hyperactivity, impulsivity, excessive anxiety, temper tantrums, poor coping skills, etc. can also benefit from the items in this box.”

It  was created by an occupational therapist who has experience working with children with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, neurological impairments and emotional disturbances.   

This subscription box has excellent reviews online and looks absolutely amazing!  


4.  The Kiwi Co

Website: https://www.kiwico.com

My son received the Kiwi Koala Crate subscription for his last birthday.  We had so much fun opening up the box when it arrived each month.  The Kiwi boxes are hands-on science and art projects geared toward specific age groups between birth (yes – newborns!) and 16 years old. You simply choose your age range and the fun-filled boxes start arriving.  There’s parent instructions to help you guide your child through the fun learning process.  These boxes are educational and fun with a major focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math).  

The Koala Crate was perfect for my 4 year old son.  He could nearly do all of it himself with just a bit of assistance.  He learned, he was creative, and most importantly he had fun while doing it! 

I also found these subscription boxes to be extremely affordable.  You can get a year subscription for less than $15 a month.  


5.  Young Living

Website: www.youngliving.com

It is no secret that we are avid essential oil users and strive to be as healthy as we can.  I’m a firm advocate for ditching toxic household products, especially ones we use daily in our home and on our bodies.  

Young Living is my absolute favorite one-stop-shop for nearly everything we use on a regular basis. 

They have a monthly auto-ship program called Essential Rewards (must be a wholesale member).  You place one order each month and earn points back to cash in for more free stuff. 

I love that Young Living carries an entire baby line, a kids line, the best plant based cleaner ever, and tons of other products that makes parenting a million times easier.  I *almost* never need to go to target anymore (except really who can resist that Dollar Spot).   The best part is that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that these products do not contain anything toxic, harsh, or even questionable.  Not to mention, they smell absolutely divine because they are infused with therapeutic and healing essential oils.  

The baby line, called Seedlings, includes wipes, baby oil, lotion, baby wash, diaper rash cream, and so much more.  The KidScents line includes supplements like probiotics, vitamins, toothpaste, and bath products.  We also love the sunscreen, bug spray, and pre-diluted essential oil blends.  They even have kid diffusers!  Honestly, this subscription box just makes my life easier.  So you need to hit up your favorite oil lady and get started!


Do you have a favorite subscription box?

I’d love to hear about it! Anything to make mom-life a little easier is a win in my book.  Just add curbside grocery service to your life and you may never need to shop again!  Leaves you more time for the important things in life.  

Enjoy your happy mail! 


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