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All I Want For Christmas Is…A Pest Free Home

Keeping pests out of your home this holiday season 

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season may bring extra guests into your home. While family and friends may seem to come out of the woodwork and drop in for a visit, I can bet your guest list doesn’t include unwelcome pests sneaking in through the cracks of your home.

While the winter months will provide a relief from the Texas heat; we’ll also start to see an increase in mice, cockroaches, and spiders in the winter months. Rodents seeking shelter from the cold may find a warm and cozy spot inside your home. Not only could these rodents and insects be an embarrassing sight during your holiday party, they can also can carry scary diseases, such as, Lyme disease and Salmonella into your home.

If you’re like me, my days are typically spent corralling tiny humans, so the last thing I’d like to add to my holiday to-do list is chasing unwanted pests around my home. Typically, parents are consumed with the hustle and bustle surrounding the holidays, and may not be focused on preventing pest problems.

Tips for a pest-free home this holiday season

Pest problems can increase during the holiday months, especially as people bring Christmas trees indoors and boxes of decorations down from the attic. Fortunately, taking a few probationary steps may save you from the extra headache this holiday season.

Spiders, mites, moths and other pests have been known to nest in live greens like trees, wreathes and garlands, which often end up being used to decorate the home during the holidays. Before you pull out those boxes of decorations from your garage and attic, be sure to inspect the boxes for signs of pests, such as gnawing marks or rodent droppings.

The cooler weather is also the perfect time to cozy up by a fire, but it’s important to inspect the pieces of wood for pests that can easily hitch a ride indoors, like spiders, termites and ants. Outdoors, firewood should be stored at least 20 feet from the home.

Common winter intruders

Mice and Rats

Mice can enter from the smallest cracks in your home’s exterior so when you’re installing lights on the exterior of your home this holiday, be sure to take note if you see any gaps around your home. Mice only require a 1/4 inch opening to enter a home, while rats only require only a 1/2 inch opening. These pests can bring along fleas and ticks hitching a ride on their fur.


To my surprise, cockroaches were among the top 30 environmental allergies my son was recently tested for. Not only can these nasty little insects can spread bacteria, oddly enough, they are also a common trigger for allergies and asthma in children.


Keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from the home and cut back limbs overhanging the roof. This will help reduce the chance of spiders finding a way inside. Spiders tend to hid in cardboard boxes. Instead choose a sturdy, hard plastic container with a secure lid to store holiday décor for the following year.


This type of wild animal occasionally enters homes through attics or chimneys in search of a shelter. Raccoons are a major host of rabies, so in an effort to keep your home pest free, consider installing a mesh cover over chimneys and other exposed openings to prevent entry. Also, keep tree branches trimmed back from the house. Tree limbs provide the perfect bridge into your home. The only thing I want coming down my chimney this winter is a jolly old man in a furry red suit.

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