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I love the start to a new school year.  It means fresh pencil shavings, crisp paper, a spotless planner, seeing old friends, making new ones, and the promise of cooler weather… someday. But with the new school year, comes more time away from our kiddos as well. 

So who doesn’t love a fun way to let them know we’re still <constantly> thinking of them as they’re busy plugging away at school?

  • Draw a picture of a silly face on their mandarin peel
  • Write some thoughtful words on the side of their pencil
  • Hide a post-it note inside their folder or assignment book
  • Shop for matching bracelets so that when they look down and see it they’ll think of you
  • Doodle on their lunch napkin before placing it in their sack lunch
  • Tack some googley eyes on their snack banana
  • Adhere a small piece of tape inside their backpack with a kind message so when they go to retrieve something they’ll see it and smile
  • Make a small mark on their hand that only you and your kiddo can see (incase they don’t like blatant affirmations)
  • Cut their lunch sandwich into funky shapes
  • Place a picture of yourself making a goofy face inside their schoolbook
  • Create jello molds of their favorite animal to put in their lunchbox
  • Start a hangman game that can last the week (tic-tac-toe could work too!)

Is there something that you do to dote on your kiddo throughout the day? 

Anything you’ve done every day since the first day of school? 

We’d love to hear how you show positive affirmation.





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