I think it’s safe to say that many of us are looking for a simpler life in 2020. I know I am! Do you feel like you have more tasks on your list, than hours in the day?

As Mom’s, we are inundated with kids’ schedules, caring for aging parents, work deadlines, stocking the fridge, packing lunches, keeping our family healthy, working on relationships, excelling at work and more!! It’s all consuming and overwhelming!

I think the overwhelm and anxiety that many of us feel on an on-going basis stems from a feeling of lack of time.

This simply isn’t true y’all. “I don’t have time” is a story we tell ourselves! And because it’s so normal to share stories about time and the lack of it, we view time as fleeting instead of ever lasting. There is a fixed amount of time (24 hours) Every. Single. Day. It’s neither “enough” or “not enough” it’s only our expectations and our frame of mind that make time look half full or half empty.

I don’t have enough time to work out, can easily become, I make working out a priority. I block time in my calendar because exercise is a priority to me, and it nourishes my mind and my body.

Take ownership of the 24 hours you are gifted TODAY.  Start choosing how you spend your time intentionally!!

There is ENOUGH time for every single thing that matters to you!!! If there isn’t time, then it’s not important to you {right now}.

I’m reading Everything is Figureoutable by Maria Forleo, and this framework about time has been my biggest take away so far!

Take a look at your calendar and task list for this week. Have you scheduled items/dates/tasks that aren’t adding value {this week}. Have your responded “yes” to events when you should have responded “no”. Only you can answer that, but it’s a huge shift in freeing up your time and your mental capacity from things that are not adding value.

I also really love this simple analogy Do it, delegate it, delay it, delete it. They are from the Four D’s of Effective Time Management, and you can easily relate this notion to every single thing in your life. Apply it to your life and watch how simpler your day, week and month becomes! I’ve noticed that even my mental head space seems more light and clear when I use this technique!

The Four D’s of Effective Time Management

  1. Do it: If it takes under two minutes, don’t think just do! Don’t pour more mental energy into something that can be accomplished in minutes! You will be surprised of what you can accomplish in 120 seconds: fold towels, write an email, make a quick phone call, schedule a workout, pack a quick lunch.
  2. Delete it: Just like junk email, just like junk snail mail. If it’s no longer serving you, get it out of your life! Ask yourself: Will this activity help me get the long-term result I or we want?
  3. Delay it: You simply can’t do everything. Sometimes today, this week, this month or this year is not the right time for your new business, your kitchen reno, your big move, Create a vision around it and watch it hatch when you have the time to dedicate to your dream.

4. Delegate it: Ask yourself, Do I really need to complete this task? Delegation is a great way to better leverage your day. Apply it to your work life and your home life.  If the kids are old enough to start putting away the laundry, delegate it!

I’ll leave you with my last tip! I want you to take a deep breath and repeat after me!! EVERYTHING I need is already inside of me. It’s time to stop looking outward for lifelines.  Harness your internal wisdom, and use it to your advantage.

I believe we are guided, almost intuitively, to do things with our lives that fulfill our heart and soul. The closer we can live to our authentic self, the simpler our life will feel.


Photography: Jessica Rockowitz Photography + Film


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