Millions of families tuned in to see the Chiefs take on the 49ers in the ultimate show of talent, hard work and focus.

For me, I was all about the commercials and half time show. I’m sporty that way.
I was excited to see J Lo and Shakira (Queens of my 2000’s playlist) performing together. In the spirit of women supporting women, I thought they found some great icons to perpetuate that.

Shakira entered the picture first and I was surprised she was lip syncing. I know it’s a common act among singers but all I could think of was what a missed opportunity it was.

She could have showcased her musical range and ability but instead used back track so she could perform her rigorous and provocative moves.

Although, her hips certainly didn’t lie during the performance, I was hoping to share the halftime show with my daughter but, ultimately, decided against it.

My daughter doesn’t need to see scantily clad women who have amazing talents silenced so that they may have more range in their dance moves.

Their outfits sparkled and showed exactly what a lot of time at the gym and a personal chef can give you.

They were beautiful.

But, once again, I didn’t want to show my daughter because I don’t want to perpetuate the idea that women should have outfits that leave little to the imagination to have success. That they are, and effectively she is viewed and, given worth from society based on outward appearances.

She is more than that.

They are more than that.

I loved how J Lo brought her daughter on stage for her big debut.

Passing along the torch to a future generation is important to every person out there.

I just wish she would’ve done it in a business suit instead of decorative duct tape.

Our girls deserve better.

There was an opportunity for some magic to happen here tonight.

A pinnacle of women supporting and collaborating with other women.

A chance to show that age truly is a number.

Despite each singer having the majority of their hits in the early 2000’s, they were able to secure their place in fame and relevance.

I wish I could’ve shared those moments with my daughter.

I’m not saying that the showmanship wasn’t on point.

It truly was.

I think it just showcased different ideals than what women in this age are asking for.


Photography: Lindsay Herkert Photography


  1. Have you never seen professional dancers? Ice skaters? Do you realize there is such a thing as flesh toned spandex? This article is absolutely ridiculous. They are performers and wore costumes to showcase their performance.

  2. First, no one told you watch. Second, women of Puerto Rico are empowered to shake and move each and everyday. Ever been to Puerto Rico? I guess not. Wanting a Hispanic Singer, Dancer, and Entertainer to show up on a business suit while on stage with her daughter is baffles me. I guess it’s ok for someone like Lady Gaga to perform wearing tight clothing showing her curves but when it’s a curvier Hispanic it’s not ok? The Halftime show was on the best in years.

    • I agree! Dancing with the stars look at the way they dress! 2020 was the best half time performance I have ever seen! I am a nana and 57 years old and me and my grandkids were all up dancing and cheering them on! Oh my when Jennifer’s daughter sang I cried tears of joy! It was beautiful! Let performers be who they are!!!

  3. Just an FYI nobody is allowed to sing or play instruments during halftime, it is all pre-recorded and this has always been the rule with every act because the NFL doesn’t want any mishaps.


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