Texas reopening, COVID cases still spiking, and a general feeling of people being “over it” has led to some awkward and difficult conversations for my family in the past few weeks.

Daycare, restaurants, playgrounds, working in the office, play dates…..the decisions are endless.

We’ve hit the point where everyone is establishing their own level of comfort when it comes to exposure risk, going back to normal life and overall general feelings of COVID-19.

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For me, this phase has been the most difficult one to manage thus far. People have their own opinion of “what is safe” and “what is the right decision”. In the end, no one will have the same answers. Not even myself and my husband seem to be on the same page. Each of us works through the logistics of something a different way in our mind. And, that’s ok!

It’s hard and it’s scary. When the doctors don’t even have the right answers, how am I supposed to come to the right answer for my family?

We go through a daily cycle of trying to sort through news reports to find facts, daily case increases and our mental sanity.

Some families have children back in daycare, some have still not left the house and others are somewhat in the middle.

It’s important to accept that everyone will have their own comfort levels and decisions – and understanding that the spectrum has vastly broadened with the state reopening. Try to make your own decision without the influence of others opinions or decisions. You’ll feel more confident knowing you came to that conclusion on your own and not out of peer pressure.

We are all doing our best to find a happy medium that works for us. Personally, I’m constantly in a balancing act of limiting exposure, still enjoying summer and working to keep my mental health strong.

Things that work for my family, may not work for yours.

Things I have qualified as safe for my children, may be too risky for yours.

I encourage you maintain transparency and honestly with your friends and family about your decisions and comfortable levels.

Stay safe, Austin mamas!

Born and raised a California girl, currently residing in Southwest Austin. Jenn is the wife to hubby, Ronnie, and mama to two littles, Stella Rae & Nash Jackson. She spends her days working full time from her home office as a Business Development Manager. Life never slows down while she continues to juggle being a mama and wife while balancing her love of wine, enthusiasm for hosting parties, traveling, shopping online, reading blogs, and indulging in sweet treats. Follow along with her wild children and family travels on Instagram @missjenn_xox


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