Single mom living is truly a unique and often incredibly draining experience, much like motherhood in general. But specifically, doing this day-in and day-out alone, just adds another level of pressure and hardship to the ever-mounting pains of parenthood. It’s an experience you can’t fully understand until you walk right into it. And then there you are. Showing up. Day-in and day-out. All you. But, before you know it, months have gone by, holidays celebrated with buying and wrapping your own gifts, ordering your own birthday cakes, and smiling through it all because, what else are you to do?

There is one holiday in particular that stings a little more than others, and that one (at least for me) is Mother’s day. It’s become such a mainstream instagram-worthy holiday where our feeds are filled with husbands posting about their incredible wives that are the glue that hold their families together. Picture after picture of all these happy families. But then, theres you. The single Mom, who fights every day to hold their family together, or the remnants thereof. It’s you who wakes up in the middle of the night for the bad dreams, and it’s you who holds them during the thunderstorms even though you have to be up in 3 hours. And yet, there are no posts from a loving partner who’s singing your praises.

But to be fair, it’s not all gloom and doom! There is something freeing in living a life on your own terms. And one of those terms is controlling those birthday, Christmas and you guessed it, Mother’s day presents! My late husband was many things, but a good gift giver he was not. He once gifted me a stud finder. (In case you’re wondering there is no preface to that, it was just a stud finder.) Although I cherish it now, he also once gifted me a shirt that was 3 sizes too small that read, “ You’ve goat to be kidding me”. I can’t make this up folks. So while it may not be as glamorous picking our own gifts now, it could be worse, right?

So what do we as single Moms really want for Mother’s day? Let’s take a look at some ideas!

Pay for her babysitter– This is such an overlooked but grandiose gift! Paying for her babysitter for a much needed night out is a sure way to win her over. If your babes are too young or too old for babysitters these days let me fill you in. Remember when you could book your neighbor’s daughter for $10 an hour? Yeah those days are over. Neighbor Kaylee is now scoring $25/hour to babysit on date nights! So by the time that special single Mom in your life has met you for dinner or drinks, she’s already guaranteed to spend $100 just to step foot out the door. But offering to cover her date night sitter fee (or even part of it) is such lovely way to say- I see you, and I appreciate you, Happy Mother’s Day.

Spoil her with a conveniently located mani/pedi– This is honestly a good idea for any Mom, am I right? But for our single Moms there is an added element to consider when picking a salon. Make sure it’s close to home, work, or the kid’s school to help ensure it’s a practical gift. Sure, would the spa downtown be luxurious and thoughtful? Yes. But when is she realistically going to have time for that between school drop off, work and pick up? You could save money and purchase a more conveniently located salon so she can actually enjoy a mani/pedi instead of having yet another impractical gift card dying in the junk drawer.

Spend time with her in her own domain- Often times, for the previously listed issues, we single Moms are gassed out by the end of another full day of work/school/bedtime routines. Who has the energy to dress up and hit the road again? Offering to bring take out, a bottle of wine or even just have a movie night in pjs is a great alternative to a big gift. Sometimes just spending time with your favorite gal in a face mask is all you need to reset for another shift of Motherhood. Nothing can beat quality time with those we love the most.

Gift cards- While this may seem like a no-brainer for any occasion, you can really win her over with a thoughtful gift card. Although they may feel impersonal, if you can snag one to a local restaurant in her neighborhood where again, it’s convenient to stop with the family while buzzing to and from practice, this will be a hit! Think of it as allowing her to take her chef hat off for just one meal! This could be a game-changer!

Do you see the common theme here? I think or these gifts so far the important commonality is convenience. If you can help lessen the burden of that special single Mom, your gift will land, every time. However, with that said not all single Mamas are wanting a practical gift. If you find yourself looking for a very special gift for a very special lady let’s look at some good local spots that offer great luxury options too!

Milk and Honey Spa Austin- There are many spas around Austin, but I think Milk and Honey offers something a little different. It’s truly an experience unparalleled- go for a massage, but stay for the relaxing ombiance, award winning spa treatments and even score a Mother’s Day discount for a little extra pampering.

Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop- Reserving a room for a night or even a weekend for that special single Mom, could be such a restoring reset for her! Hyatt in Bastrop has all there is to offer from spa, to horse back riding, to an incredibly relaxing lazy river. Offer to keep the kiddos entertained while she treats herself to a night (or day) away to relax, release and reset for the days ahead. You can book treatments, experiences or a full package for her conveniently online! Not sure where to start, give them a call- the staff is exceptional!

Southern Trail Rides- Horse back riding anyone? Am I the only one who’s been dying to ride a horse since binging Yellowstone? Southern Trail Rides offers 2 different locations in the Austin area where you can participate in a scene trail ride or a one-of-a-kind sunset ride on one of their breathtaking properties. If scheduling is hard for you always-busy lady they offer gift cards to cover several ride options as well. Give her the gift of a lifetime!

Blue Genie Art Bizarre- Is your special single Mom a shopper? Does she love unique local hand crafted swag? The Blue Genie Art Bizarre is a great option for a fun, relaxing shopping day! Their May market runs through 5/27, and send her with money to spend, they offer beverages and live music most days as well. This could be a very thoughtful gift for that shopper in your life!

Kendra Scott- I mean, do I need to say more? KS is an Austin staple and if you’re looking for a stunning and unique gift that says, ‘ Happy Mother’s Day’ this could be your one stop shop. Buy ahead or take her in for a fun shopping experience together! Now offering a free velvet gift box for Mother’s Day gifts as well. Don’t sleep on Kendra Scott!

Levi Store at The Domain- Okay, y’all forgive me for this one but I had no idea that Levi’s were such a big thing. I recently stumbled into the store at The Domain and was blown away by the customer service, the customizable denim options with patches and they offer personal tailoring. The Levi’s store is a real experience, and one I recommend you check out! Is your special single Mom a denim gal? Take her. Right now.

Tecovas Store- Okay, I saved the best for last here. If you’re not familiar with the Tecovas brand, it’s a unique and timeless brand offering Western wear for every occasion. From boots, to branding this is your spot for Mom is she is a boot wearing western enthusiast. Every Tecovas store offers a different tailor experience but one thing the unites them all is the customer experience. Offering complimentary local craft beer and booze upon arrival, friendly knowledgeable staff and even a boot shine- what more could you want? Whether you purchase her a gift card or plan to treat her to a new pair of boots, make sure to encourage her shopping to be done in person for the full experience.

Callie Counterman
Callie is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who enjoys empowering other women through all things breastfeeding, chestfeeding and beyond. She’s been working closely with Mother and Infant dyads for 7 years now and eventually took her love for lactation to a new level, opening Mooch Lactation in the Fall of 2023. When Callie is not working as a Lactation Consultant she is spending time at home on her farm with her son’s Wyatt (2014) and Walker (2016), and her Father. The farm life is the sweet life, according to Callie. She and her family rescue animals together, and offer sanctuary to over 19 various animals including donkeys, goats, chickens and pigs, cats and dogs. Although she was born in a small Southeast Texas town she moved to Austin as quickly as she could! Her weekends are mostly filled with chauffeuring her boys to sporting events and birthday parties but she does still make time for her favorite hobbies including watching all things Bravo with a nice glass of wine. Callie is thriving in this new season of life, after loosing her husband to cancer in 2021 her family has struggled to find a new normal but as with any major setback, there is an opportunity for a bigger comeback, and comeback she is. Callie states that she feels blessed every day to parent, work, love and lead with laughter and kindness at the forefront. You can find more on Callie online @Moochlactationco.


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