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My Postpartum Body

My Postpartum Body I recently read an article titled," The Day I Stopped Hiding My Postpartum Body from My Husband". Based on the title, I rolled my eyes and said "THE FIRST DANG DAY!" Then...

The 5 Love Languages And Kids

The 5 Love Languages And Kids I love to hear how great people think I am. It makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. I am without a doubt someone who CRAVES words of...

Best Cupcakeries In Austin

Best Cupcakeries In Austin Surely, I can't be the only one driving around town thinking to themselves, "Man, I could really go for a cupcake right now." But being a cupcake connoisseur isn't a piece...

Thanksgiving In Texas

Thanksgiving In Texas When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of food, family, laughter, pie, and FOOTBALL.  Pecan pie isn’t exclusive to Texas, but it is a defining characteristic of a Texan Thanksgiving spread. Football is...

Why We Don’t Always Choose Kindness

Why We Don't Always Choose Kindness Ok, before y'all get the pitchforks... hear me out. I am in no way talking about marginalized populations. We strongly encourage our kiddos to engage in play or conversations with...

My Kid Is A Bus Rider

My Kid Is A Bus Rider My kid is a bus rider. <Enter collective *GASP!* here> But wait guys, it gets better. My kid rides the bus AND I'm a stay at home mom! <Enter...

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Childhood cancer is so unnatural. It is abrupt and changes the lives of the patients and their families instantly. Children should never be burdened with the pain, fear, and the uncertainty of...

The Kids Are Back At School, Now What?

The Kids Are Back At School, Now What? People aren’t usually forward enough to ask what I do when my oldest goes to school while my youngest is still at home. But they do often...

My Kids LOVE Diapers

My Kids LOVE Diapers Y'all, my kids love diapers. Maybe I pushed them too soon. Both my kiddos are summer babies and the pressure to have them potty trained before 3 year old preschool starts...

Where To Celebrate Bastille Day In Austin

Where To Celebrate Bastille Day In Austin Don't pack your red, white, and blue away just yet! France's national holiday, la fête nationale or la fête du 14-juillet, known to Americans as Bastille Day, on July 14,...

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