If you’ve lived in Austin longer than five minutes, you’ve probably figured out it’s a diverse little city. There are just as many moms out there keeping it weird as there are those keeping it beautiful, crafty, green, and so on (and of course those that keep it classy, Austin!). Here at Austin Moms Blog we embrace our differences, and those of our readers, because we know it is from those differences that we all learn. One major difference you will find among us ladies is our strollers. If these strollers could talk . . . well, here’s a little guide to Austin’s most popular strollers written by Austin Moms Blog our strollers themselves!

Jessica’s Stroller: The BOB Revolution

Hi, I’m BOB. I may be pricey, but you won’t often find me window shopping at the Arboretum or navigating my way through Nordstrom. You are much more likely to find me on the trail at Zilker, with my little passenger safe, secure, and comfortable (until she tosses her sippy out the side) as my driver gets her jog on. Snack tray? Ha. That would just mess with my aerodynamics. My owner even had to buy a handlebar console for her water bottle and an infant car seat adapter separately! So I’m not all about the amenities, but I

V maxin' and relaxin' in the BOB, 7 months old (so little!)-- her feet are on the infant adapter

am a damn smooth ride. Not to brag, but I may be THE most coveted stroller on Austin’s Craigslist — just try to find one of me that isn’t snatched up in minutes. Although I must admit I’m just happy to finally be out of the trunk since my owner was a pretty exclusive babywearer for the longest time (shout-out to my baby carrier equivalent– the ErgoBaby Sport!). Now that I’m out and about more, I definitely dig that I color-coordinate with the golden retriever mix/mutt from Austin Lucky Mutts Rescue jogging happily by my side. The only thing more badass than me on this trail is the dualie Bob! The only thing sexier than me? That’s easy: the Bob driven by the Dad who takes his kid for a jog. Now THAT is sexy.

Allison’s Stroller: The Chicco Key Fit Travel System

I’m the Chicco Key Fit and you will often find me whipping my way through clothes racks at Nordstrom, Baby Gap, and Pottery Barn Kids (I know that the Pottery Barn story times are just an excuse for my driver to SHOP!). I’m the typical “mom” stroller and while I have a moderate price tag at $349.99 from Buy Buy Baby, the best thing about me is that I come with an infant carrier for the car! Perfect for the mama who is always coordinated. You’ll often find me with a Juicy Couture Diaper Bag in my lower basket, a Starbucks Green Tea

Wow, Lincoln looks comfortable!

with no sweetener in my cup holder, and an I-Phone and pair of keys to a white, lifted, 4 wheel drive truck with a grill guard in my other compartment by the cup holder. I’ve occasionally seen strollers like me on the trails at Zilker Park, but I’m not as safe as the BOB for those types of excursions. I’m great for sleeping babies with the ability to recline to a flat position and I’m perfect for toddlers who need a little snack or spot to put their sippy cup as I have a tray that accommodates both. I’m not the sexiest stroller, but I’m versatile and will grow with your child from infancy until your child is too big (50 lbs) to ride in me. Husbands don’t LOVE pushing me around and typically prefer the more masculine option the BOB provides, but ‘shop ‘til you drop’ Moms love me!

Vanessa’s Stroller: Graco Stylus Travel System

Caroline comfy in her infant carrier! 7 weeks old!

I’m the Graco Stylus Travel System and you can consider me the “Target” of strollers…I’m not the cheapest and I’m not the most expensive. You probably registered for me because you figured someone wouldn’t squawk at my price tag ($239.99) and get me as a baby shower gift. One of my greatest qualities is that I come with an infant carrier that snaps into me perfectly for those days your infant is snoozing away and you’ve got errands to run. My infant carrier is also handy for the days when your baby is a little more active and needs some hanging toys to distract him/her on that long car ride. Moms won’t be able to figure out how to open or close me for the first twenty minutes they own me and will be annoyed at how heavy I am–sorry, I’m big boned! You’ll most likely find me in the closet collecting dust because you will realize quickly that for $70 you could buy my skinny twin sister, the Graco LiteRider Stroller, that’s identical to me in function but lighter on the biceps. You’ll find Goldfish lodged in every crevice and enough compartments to hold all the essentials. I’m good for a shopping trip or the airport, but bad for any outdoor activities–you’ll want to reach out to our hot athletic cousin, BOB for stuff like that.

Ashlee’s stroller: The BabyTrend Baby Sport Lite

Hi, I’m the BabyTrend Baby Sport Lite, with a sweet little price tag of about $40! After THREE BOYS (boys! all boys! eek!) and several other strollers, I am a survivor. This isn’t my mama’s first stroller rodeo, so she knows it’s not all

The boys with their survivor stroller!

about name brand and price tag. Seriously, she’s had 2 Graco systems, a Joovy double stroller, a Baby Trend single and double . . . see what I mean? I’m a stroller mutt really: a mix between an umbrella and a regular stroller. I’m light, I’m not bulky, but I still rock the tray and underneath basket. I do my job just fine, which more often than not these days just means holding tons of stuff while my so-called passenger runs around like crazy at Lakeline Mall’s Inflatable Wonderland (we’re seriously there EVERY week). I used to hang at Zilker a lot, but now my kiddo is too busy running around to sit down much. It’s all good, I love that I get to see so many cool things on the older boys’ field trips too! Plus, I have a little girl coming my way soon that will find me a comfortable and practical ride. Just more money to spend on stuff that really matters. Like hair bows.

So, Austin mamas, if your stroller could talk, what would it say???


  1. I think this is so cute!!! I also have the BOB and love it! As does my hubs 🙂 Now I’m in the market for an umbrella stroller… I’ve been looking at the Maclaren’s for a while… anyone have advice on an umbrella stroller?

    • I have a Maclaren umbrella stroller and when I take it anywhere I end up wishing I had just brought the Bob! It just doesn’t sit very deeply– and the sun shade is not as good at all.

  2. We’ve been encouraged to buy the UppaBaby Vista for our upcoming little one! I’ve been told it is equivalent to the BOB, but 4 wheels instead of 3. Thanks for this blog…I love reading different opinions/reviews.

    • I had never even heard of Uppababy and two of y’all have mentioned it! I checked it out and love the bassinet portion– I saw that they sell a stand so you can use the bassinet part at home as well. Very cool. It definitely looks more posh than the bob!

  3. My BOB and yours could be BFFs; I feel like that stroller is mandatory here in South Austin. I do love it, but more for strolling the neighborhood than for Nordstrom. For the latter, I have a Maclaren Ryder – like its owner, it’s a bit high-maintenance. That being said, nothing navigates the mall as well as my Maclaren (which is another area stroller & me have in common.)


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