Post New Year’s Day, social media was FLOODED with tweets and status updates about getting in shape for the new year. Either you just had a baby, are about to have a baby, or you just ate too much over the holidays; regardless, there’s nothing worse than not feeling your body best. I think it’s at the top of the list for many people. But how do you look hot when you’re trying to look hot???? Today Lisa shares some sexy workout attire brands, styles, and tips!

Up first!

Victoria’s Secret Pink Yoga Pants

These are relatively inexpensive and are quite comfortable. The only downside that I have found is that, despite being washed in cold water and hung to dry, they do tend to show signs of fading. If this doesn’t bother you, then definitely purchase a pair or two. I have had no problems with piling or other signs of wear. They also come in a variety of styles from bling to more subdued styles, bootcut, legging and cropped! They aren’t just for college girls!!

Victoria’s Secret VSX Sport

I purchased tennis skorts from this line and they are fantastic. Super comfy but too soon to tell if they show much signs of wear. They are very similar to Lululemon skorts (described below) but for a fraction of the price. They are actually currently on clearance and going fast!

Target Long Sleeve Fitted Tops

I purchased several different colors because I was going to become a running fanatic. That is, until I hurt my knee the first week running up hills – I like to start big! My favorite part of these tops is that they hook over your thumb so that they stay in place while running. If you get hot, they easily roll up. They breathe pretty well when you’re working out but they do get warm if its not that cold.

So Low Yoga Pants

These are by far my favorite yoga pants ever!!! They can be purchased at or My favorite style are the fold over ruffle in crop and full length. I have every color in both styles. They do not fade or show signs of wear at all. I receive compliments everytime I wear them which is to Pilates, HEB, Target and Nordstrom. They can pretty much be worn anywhere and everywhere. They look fantastic with flipflops, tennis shoes, Toms and ballet flats.


Love, love, love Lululemon. Lululemon always offers free shipping no matter how small the order if you aren’t able to make it to their downtown or Domain locations. I just started purchasing this brand and they are incredible. So far, I have only purchased the pleated tennis skirts that have a zipper for your gym card and shorts underneath so you aren’t putting on a show at the gym. They can be worn anywhere too and people will have to guess if you just came from the gym or if you’re just out running errands in your super cute outfit!

There you have it! Some easy to get your sexy paws onto brands to get in shape for 2013! Let us know which ones are your favorite 🙂



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