… you know what that means? A million fabulous things to do and many many bluemany photo ops with your family! So get out your calendars and fill your weekends up with all of these family activities!

1. Strawberry Picking at Sweet Berry Farms. Opening day was last week and you’ll want to put this on your calendar to do before the end of April (or the pick-ens will be slim). It’s really such a fun time and we’ve gone every year since my daughter was walking. We pick two boxes of strawberries and come home and eat strawberries for a week — homemade strawberry lemonade, strawberry pancakes, chocolate covered strawberries … you get the idea. Bring cash for the boxes berries and a popsicle or two (thirty bucks should be just enough). We always go during the week to avoid the crowd. Photo tip? Face your kiddos away from the sun to avoid squinty eyes. Or find some open shade. You can find their schedule here: http://www.sweetberryfarm.com

2. Rodeo Austin. Did you know we had a rodeo? With pig racing? and a petting zoo? and pony rides? and a huge ferris wheel? It starts today and goes through March 23rd! http://www.rodeoaustin.com

3. St. Patrick’s Day Festival. It’s hard to imaging a St. Patty’s day event without green beer -but this event looks like it’s fun for kiddos who want to watch Irish dancers while they are getting their face painted green. The rolling video game car is there as well (never heard of it … you must not have kids older than seven yet). It’s basically a truck that you can rent for parties that’s full of televisions and different video games. We’ve never been to this event but we’re putting it on our calendars this year. http://www.stpatricksdayaustin.com

4. Wildflower season is upon us and even though the rain has been sparse and I have yet to see a bluebonnet, they will make their way out soon enough! My guess is they will come out closer to April. My go-to places from last year are still bare … but I’m hopeful for some Indian Paintbrush! You can always check out this website to find Texas Bluebonnet Sightings: http://www.texasbluebonnetsightings.com

5. SXSW. I had no idea until last year that there were kid friendly events at SXSW. I’m not a huge fan of crowds, so I doubt we go … but I found a helpful site where the Top 5 Family Events at SXSW were already listed out! And this is going on right now! 🙂 You can read more about the event here as well: http://www.hip-babymama.com/2013/03/sxsw-spring-break-palooza.html

6. Round Rock Express. I get it, if you live in South Austin and you *really* don’t want to make the trek to see a baseball game but there are so many fabulous things for families to enjoy at the Dell Diamond! We LOVE taking the kids to the games! There are Kids Days (Sundays) and Dollar Dog Night (Tuesdays) and Fireworks Fridays. Check out their full schedule seen here! Games start in early April so go before it’s 100 degrees! Plus, there is a salt lick right next door.

7. Red Poppy Festival. I’ve been to this festival and yet to see a field of poppies … but I’m sooooo hopeful that this is the year! The 14th annual Georgetown festival lasts all weekend long and features a 5K, arts & crafts, shopping, lotsa food, bands, and so much more! April 27 – 28, 2013

8. Or you can skip all the above, leave the kids at home and hit the Austin Food and Wine Festival April 26-28. Start saving now because they are proud of the ticket prices … and you’ll need a babysitter.


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