How When I think about my three kids, I instantly think about how different they each are. Even though they came from the same two people and are being raised by the same two people, they each have their own unique looks and personalities. And like most moms, I am equally proud of and frustrated by each of kids on a daily basis!

My younger two children have easier and more laid back personalities than my first born. They more easily adjust and transition than my eldest can. My oldest daughter is an equally complex and amazing kid, in my humble opinion, of course. She is your typical first born type-A personality. And, like most over-achievers, she is a little high-strung, a perfectionist, a rule follower and more than a little competitive. All of these are great qualities to have, but to an extreme, they can be unhealthy and lead to needless worry and anxiety. Much like it has for her. Her anxiety can show by being overly sensitive, emotional or angry. We have worked very hard to learn coping skills so she can better handle stress and her anxiety and emotions. It has been a long process with a lot of ups and downs.

While all of this can be difficult and frustrating as a mom, she can more than make up for it with her amazing qualities. She is very tender-hearted, honest, loyal, loving and compassionate. She is the kid that could barely watch A Dolphin’s Tale because she was too upset. She is the kid that wants to pick up every stray animal and take it in or save it. She is also the kid that came home in tears when a new girl in the 4th grade was getting picked on by other kids. And she is the kid that played with this new girl for weeks until she made new friends. She is the kid, that on the 2nd day of 5th grade, noticed a new girl sitting by herself and asked if she would sit with her.

So when I think of a time when I have been proud of my kids, I think of all the little moments they each shine in their own way. But, when she shines, it’s really beautiful. Because sometimes it’s a little harder for her. And when she chooses the kind over the competitive, the loving over the angry, and her overly-sensitive tendency is her compassion, I am proud. In every one of the moments, big and small, I am proud.

We often don’t think of those little moments when our children make us proud? When has your child made you proud?


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