Wrapping presents is one of my favorite things, ever. In fact, I think about my wrapping theme for a couple of weeks before I really settle on something. Now, I realize not everyone shares my excitement around wrapping presents, so I thought a little wrapping-present-palooza might be helpful as we enter the days before Christmas.

Today, I’m going to show you how I wrapped one present FIVE different ways.  This will give you an idea as to how you can theme your wrapping this year and WOW all gift recipients. First, I’m going to talk about the present I opted to wrap.


That, my friends, is a Powertrip. No, they did not pay me to write this nor do they know I exist, but I HAVE to tell you about this product. It’s a portable charger for USB devices that is solar-charged or wall charged. It’s seriously a life saver in my world because my phone is at 20% by 11 am every single day. Anyway, I’m giving this to someone in my life and thought I’d use it as the example gift.


Wrapping Style #1: The Aztec

What you need: Wrapping paper-Found at Target for $2.49, Jute-Found at Target for $3.99, Gold Bells-Found at Target for $3.99, scissors and tape, previously owned.

How to achieve this look: The paper really does a lot of the work on this one, which is awesome. The jute really takes it to the next natural level, which I love. I measured out a piece of jute that was from my fingertip to my chin and cut it.  I then folded it in half and wrapped it around the gift, looping one side through the other (see photos 2 and 3 from the left.) I then took the precious little bell cluster and tied those bad boys on a voila. The Aztec.

Merry and BrightWrapping Style #2: Merry and Bright

What you need: Wrapping paper-Found at Target for $2.49, bright colored paper-previously owned, scissors and tape, previously owned.

How to achieve this look: Again, the paper could totally rock this look on its own, but I feel the bright-colored paper adds a little something extra. I started to do polka dots, but in the name of simplicity I went for an abstractish star. I like this because no one is expecting to see a bright pink present under their tree ’round Christmas time.



Wrapping Style #3: The Classic

What you need: Wrapping paper-Found at Target for $2.49, a bow-previously owned, scissors and tape, previously owned.

How to achieve this look: No explanation necessary. Find some red and green paper, toss a bow on it and call it a day. Merrrrry Christmas.

PolkaWrapping Style #4: Polka-Dot Perfection

What you need: Wrapping paper-Found at Target for $2.49, curling ribbon-previously owned, bell clusters-found at Target for $3.99, scissors and tape, previously owned.

How to achieve this look: This look takes a little bit of patience and some ribbon curling abilities.  I have found that kitchen scissors work best for curling ribbon, but that’s just me. So, the first thing you’ll do here is wrap the present. Then you’ll tie two pieces of equal-sized ribbon around the gift and tie them in knot in the center–facing where the bow will eventually go (sorry I didn’t get a picture)–and leave the remaining little pieces sticking up. Then you’ll cut a ton of pieces of ribbon to curl…I think I cut fifteen. Tie them down with pieces of ribbon that are sticking up from a few steps ago and get curling. This shouldn’t take you too long, but you might end up straightening a few pieces of ribbon out versus curling them and that’s kind of annoying. Once you’ve curled every last piece you can tie the bells onto one of the ribbons. Be sure to cut any extra length after you tie the bells. Voila! This is actually the Barry Theme Reveal!

bagWrapping Style #5: Throw that gift in a bag and call it a day

What you need: Tissue paper and bag

How to achieve this look: Throw the gift in a bag and add some tissue paper to the top. VOILA.

Let’s be real ,we’re all moms and on the go and at the end of the day, it’s the gift that counts not the Williams S0noma quality wrapping. Do what you have time to do.

What’s your favorite wrapping style? Are you into wrapping?





Vanessa Barry
Vanessa is the co-founder of Austin Moms Blog. She is also the Director of Communications for IDEA Public Schools, a nationally recognized network of K-12 public charter schools serving more than 15,000 students. She has a blast learning, loving and laughing with her four-year-old little lady, Caroline Grace.


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