When Friendships and Motherhood Collide

Understatement of the Year: “Things change when you become a mom.”

Sometimes things you didn’t expect to change do too – like friendships. As your life becomes fuller with children and changes to your life and responsibilities, sometimes there are friends who {as hard as it is to say} are no longer worth it.

  1. The Don’t Have Kids Friend: I don’t say this to imply all friendless kids become bad friends. But there are some who don’t understand that your life changes and expect everything to stay the same. It just doesn’t. And no matter how much they might WANT you to still be footloose and fancy free…you aren’t.
  2. The Drama-Filled Friend: Ain’t nobody got time for that! When you spend a large part of your day with very dramatic small people…you don’t need drama from the adults in your life too. I can only take so much crying!
  3. The Judgmental Friend: We all have to make the choices that are best for our families. It might not be the best for everyone’s family, but as moms {heck as PEOPLE} we should respect each other’s right to make the best decision for our family. And that friend who judges everything you do? GONE.
  4. The ‘Better Mom Than You’ Friend: Maybe you really can do everything better than me. In fact, you probably can. On any given night, I haven’t planned anything for dinner, my house is a disaster, it’s likely at least one kid goes to bed dirty… But that friend who constantly shows you up is just SO not worth it!

Have you ever had to drop a friend? Was it hard for you to do? What ‘type’ of friend was it?



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