We are not shy about our love of mason jars here at AMB. We know that for less than $10 you can invest in quite a few of these little fellas and you may hit a wall in terms of uses. We thought we’d help a mama out and identify six fabulous uses for a mason jar.

Mason Jars

1. A handy, dandy holder of sorts.

The simplest use for a mason jar is to turn that beauty into a holder. In my house mason jars exclusively hold the following items: toothbrushes, kitchen utensils, pens on our desk, q-tips, cotton balls and… actually, that’s it. I just walked around.

Mason Jar Uses

2. Make it a Vase

I guess this sort-of falls into the category above, but I’m separating it.  Nothing is more country chic than a mason jar vase. A mason jar will spruce up the most inexpensive filler flower. Additionally, if you’re ever stumped on what to gift a dinner host… flowers in a mason jar are a two-in-one gift!

Uses for a Mason Jar

3. A (blank) glass alternative

When I say (blank) it’s on purpose. You can drink water, juice, wine (my favorite) or virtually anything out of a mason jar. I guess so many people were doing it that they now have mason jars with little handles. I should try and drink my morning coffee out of one of those. I will report back, but for now, you should trust me on the drinking ease from these lovely glass wonders.

Mason Jar Uses

4. Decoration

There are two places in my house where I just have mason jars hanging out. I like to place them on top of stacks of books or magazines. You can drop a tea light candle in them or something like that if you think that will look better, but honestly an empty mason jar on a stack of books on shelves looks pretty darn cute.

Mason Jar Uses

5. Wall Sconces

This will require a little bit of elbow grease on your end, but a DIY mason jar wall sconce is easy to make and charming. We blogged about it a while back and to this day, I receive compliments from house guests on my wall sconce. People are shocked when I tell them it cost less than $5 and took less than an hour to complete! The best part is, its functional!

Mason Jar Uses

6. Gift Container

This sort of goes with number one, but like number two it’s different. As moms we have so.many.people to get gifts for come the holidays: teachers, teachers assistants, school leaders, baby sitters, etc. Well, get this, gift bags are more expensive than a CASE of mason jars in some instances.  For less money and more creatively (in some instances) you can give someone an inexpensive DIY gift in a forever theirs mason jar.

Quite the investment, eh? What did we leave off? What other ways can you use a mason jar? Comment with your ideas.



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