20 Signs Your Kids Are From Austin

20 Signs Your Kids Are From Austin 

One of my rockstar achievements as a parent is our decision to raise our kids in the wonderfully, quirky city of Austin, Texas. It’s no secret that Texans are loud and proud. They don’t just think, they KNOW, that everything is bigger and better in Texas. But, the pride runs a little deeper growing up in the state capital. I’m one of the lucky ones to say, “I’m from here,” and I’ve passed along that great privilege to my kids as well. Growing up in Austin, there are a few things only true Austinite kids know.

You know your kids are from Austin when…

  1. They know that Tuesdays are for Tacos, and eating free at Kerby Lane.
  2. Shorts are a staple in their wardrobe 10 months out of the year.

    Photo Credit: Kendra Germenis
  3. They’ve posed for a picture by Austin murals on South Congress.
  4. They aren’t bothered by sweat. It’s dang hot here! 
  5. The holidays are not complete without a spin under the Zilker Tree.

  6. They know that bats aren’t just for Halloween, and have witnessed their black cloud all through the summer.
  7. Zilker train rides are a rite of passage.
  8. They’ve giggled after jumping in the chilly Barton Springs.
  9. The Thinkery is a real place not just a made up name.
  10. Keeping Austin Weird means they don’t bat an eye at blue hair and tattooed sleeves.
  11. ACL and SXSW roll off their tongue like the ABCs.

  12. ABC Zilker Kite festival is a family tradition.
  13. A Mexican Vanilla Amy’s Ice Creams scoop isn’t complete without the toppings smushed with a big, metal spoon.
  14. They expect the city to shut down and school to be canceled for anything resembling ice or snow on the ground.
  15. The Salt Lick is more than a block of salt for animals.
  16. They think that cupcakes and tacos are best out of food trucks.

  17. They have looked up with pride at the lone star on the capital ceiling.
  18. The Aggie-UT rivalry still exists.
  19. They’ve chased peacocks around the Austin Zoo.
  20. Chips and queso are a food group all to themselves.


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