Tomorrow is National Adoption Day and that warms my heart. If you have followed Austin Moms Blog for a while (and if you haven’t it is never too late to start) you may remember my post on “10 things not to say to someone adopting” post. In honor of National Adoption Day I figured I would update our adoption status and journey.

Well to be honest not a darn thing has happened. Adoption is a hard and sometimes long journey. We have known since we had our first son Kadon that we wanted to adopt at some point, it was just a matter of when. We wanted to go to private route rather than use an agency, for a few reasons. Our number one reason for not wanting to use an agency is the couple that are our favorites charge their adoption fee on a sliding scale. My husband and I both find that absolutely appalling! Please don’t take this next statement as me comparing a child to an object because I’m not, but if you go buy a car or a house they don’t base your fee on what you make, so why should anyone do that with a child’s life and future?! It’s absurd in my opinion.

With that being said, we have discussed opening our options to using an agency to better our odds of finding a precious little one to add to our family. We haven’t made any final decisions, but the option is on the table. We are just taking things very slow.
From the time we made the decision to move forward with our wish to adopt until a few months ago I had baby fever so bad. I’m talking bad people. My ovaries twitched every time I saw a baby. I got emotional about it and cried at times, I really struggled. Then one day I was just at peace with every thing. I am having the time of my life with my sweet boys, they are at such fun ages and we don’t really have any limits on travel, etc. Porter still naps, but it isn’t the end of the world (usually haha) if he misses it every now and then. We have had fun trips this past year and are going skiing again this winter and taking them to Disney World…and we get to do it with no one in diapers or nursing. It is fun and exciting. This past weekend we went as a family and climbed Enchanted Rock. Even Porter! It is liberating to be able to do things like that. BUT, if a precious baby came along we would be over the moon in love and excited. All of the things we are having fun doing can wait.

Who knows when we will be blessed with a bundle of joy, time will tell. We get asked quite frequently if we will just give up and have another of our own. Sometimes I get offended by that question, but I try not to. I understand why people ask, it just gets old and irritating. We have talked about having another, but not for the reason of giving up on the adoption. We just talk about it. I LOVE being pregnant, delivering babies, and breast-feeding. Love it all! There is a huge part of me that would love to be preggo again and wear maternity clothes, feel baby kick inside me, use my belly as a tray and place to rest my cup…told ya I love it. There is also a huge part of me that does not want to sleep like crap (I don’t mind sleeping like crap if there is a newborn…just don’t want it to be because of pregnancy), have ankles the size of knees, pee on myself every time baby kicks (which would be a lot for me…I have giant active babies), or feel like someone kicked me in the crotch with a steel toe boot. I’ll leave that for my fellow bloggers Allison and Allena 🙂

For now we are just going to keep hoping that when the time is right a sweet little baby will come into our lives! I am thankful that I am at peace with the situation, and so is my husband. Him seeing me cry so much for a baby and him knowing there was not a way for him to get me what I wanted was hard for him. We both just want to enjoy our healthy boys and make the most of our family of five. The kids put the pressure on sometimes when they remind us how bad they want a baby sister though 😉




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