I’m a bona-fide snacker.  I don’t ever sit down for lunch and I usually eat about every two hours.  Being a “snacker momma” (yes, I just made up that term), I consider myself quite the expert on these things.  We all know about pre-slicing our fruits and veggies for easy snacks, but what about those bars and smoothies you’d like to try, but aren’t sure if you’ll like them?  To help you not waste your money on the yucky stuff, I thought I’d share my top favorite snacks with y’all today, which are healthy, convenient, and are sure to keep you away from that fast food drive-through.

1.  Luna Protein Bar – I used to be a HUGE Luna bar fan when I was pregnant with my first and second children.  The lemon flavor did just the trick for my uneasy first-trimester tummy.  But then they changed their recipe and the bar had the opposite effect.  Bummer.  Since then, I’ve given Luna another chance and have found that the protein bars they offer are quite good and filling.  Favorite flavor:  Peanut Butter

2.  Kind Bar – Okay peeps, if you haven’t tried a Kind Bar, get one today.  They’re basically just fruit and nuts (gluten-free), but the assortments of combinations are plentiful.  I attended a blogging conference last year where Kind was a sponsor….so what’s a momma to do but take adavantage of the situation and try as many flavors as she can!?  Yep, I did.  And I don’t have a favorite to tell ya’.  They’re ALL wonderful!

3.  Love Crunch – One of my friends turned me on to this Costco delight a few months back and I’ve never looked back.  We now buy two bags each Costco run just because my entire family loves the granola, dark chocolate, and dried strawberries.  We eat it with plain yogurt and a little honey.  D-VINE!  I’m giving you fair warning though…it’s positively addicting.

4.  Smoothie King Lean 1 Smoothie – Do you frequent Smoothie King often?  I hadn’t much before we discovered one close to our Costco (now I’m sounding like a Costco commercial), but I’ve come to love their Lean 1 line.  I always get the chocolate flavor, and the other ingredients consist mainly of almonds, banana, and ice.  Filling and healthy.  Win, Win.  (They have a decent “rewards” system via an app, too.) Favorite flavor:  Chocolate

5.  Kashi Go Lean Bar – I’m a little hesitant to put this one on the list because despite how much I like this bar, it gives me gas almost everytime.  Sorry.  You probably didn’t need to know that, but I thought I should give you a heads up.  Not only is a Kashi bar great to grab when you’re going to be out and about for a while, but kids tend to like them as well.  Favorite flavor:  Chocolate Pretzel

6.  Naked Green Machine Smoothie – I love to pick up a bottle of this repulsive-looking stuff whenever I’m at H.E.B. and snack on it while I’m grocery shopping.  I like that it has tons of greens and fruit packed into a little bottle.  Naked juices/smoothies tend to be a little on the high side in terms of sugar content, so drink these sparingly.  Great to water down a bit and put in a sippy cup for the little ones!  Favorite flavor:  Green Machine and Protein Power

7.  Almonds – This snack is pretty much a no-brainer, as I know most mommas eat them regularly.  If you don’t, go get a big ol’ container of them and keep them front and center in your pantry.  I often avoid a poor snack choice by reaching for almonds instead.  Throw a few baggies of them in your purse/diaper bag and you’ve got yourself a sure fire temptation-proof snack.

We’d love to hear your favorite snacks for moms.  Do you lean towards bars, or do you take more time in preparing snacks for when you’re on-the-go?


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