Austin Moms Blog Contributor Ashlee checks-in on the 2013-14 school year.
Austin Moms Blog Contributor Ashlee checks-in on the 2013-14 school year.

School started 4 weeks ago for us and I think we are finally adjusted. It usually just takes us 2 weeks to get back into a routine, but there was nothing routine about our start to school this year. My mother in law was staying with us the weekend through the first part of the first week of school. The kids loved having her here, but it made getting into a routine harder. Then it was Labor Day weekend and we had plans to go to the Frio for a family reunion. When we returned from the Frio my two oldest had very bad cases of swimmers ear and my youngest had a stomach bug, so 2nd week of school and they missed 3 days. :/ That’s not how any of us wanted our year to get started, but such is life. There isn’t ever a good time to be sick.

Despite a few other hiccups in life, some minor & some major, the last two weeks have gone much smoother for the kiddos. It always take a couple weeks for them to start bringing homework home and then football started. So now we have a routine with sports and school, plus chores and it is working out nicely.

The boys know that as soon as they walk though the door they get a snack then immediately start homework and chores. They can’t do anything else until both are finished. Most of the time there is absolutely no TV during the week, based on good behavior I make the occasional exception. The boys have a Wii, and if ALL chores get done during the week depends on if they get to play the Wii on the weekends. Having these set rules makes for less arguing and the constant stream of questions about if and when they can play.

As for football practice the each have it on the same nights 0f the week and it is at a park, so while one is running himself ragged on a field the other two are on the playground burning their energy as well. It’s lovely! My boys have a very early bed time during the school year, it is between 7-7:30. I am a firm believer in kids needing good sleep, bed time is essential in this house! Between football practice and regular outside time my three boys are worn out by 7.

Preschool Check-inThey are all blessed with great teachers that I adore as well. {I am known to be uber picky about the teachers my children get every year….if mama ain’t happy, no one is….this cliché statement more than applies when it comes to my kids and school!} I am looking forward to this school year, I love watching them grow and learn. My youngest likes to be really dramatic about going to preschool and pretend that he doesn’t want to go. However the second he can’t see me anymore he is running around like the silly laughing kid that he is. Makes some mornings very hard, but he goes on and on about how much fun he had while there, so I brush it off. Those 2 days to myself to try and conquer the world alone are Ahhhhhmazing!!! Plus I get the occasional day-date with my Hubs on those days…extra score!

So while our year didn’t start off as easily as they usually do, we are all finally adjusted and loving it! This year has many good things to bring and we are ready!!

How has the school year started for you and your little ones?


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