10 Educational, Entertaining Shows (That Won’t Drive Parents Crazy)

10 Educational, Entertaining Shows

(That Won’t Drive Parents Crazy)

These days I am watching more kid shows than adult shows…granted I am not always watching, but they are on for my little darlings when I need to have some quiet time, get the kitchen cleaned up, prepare foods, etc etc etc.

I am not a huge proponent of sticking my kids in front of the T.V. but…

at the same token, I am incredibly thankful for these shows certain times of the day or week. I am picky at what my kids watch, we do not have cable and I definitely believe there is no reason kiddos need to watch movies or shows above their age development.

I created a list of the shows I have found most educational, entertaining and also ones I don’t want to pull my hair out to.

  1. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood– helps focus on the social-emotional skills in kiddos, the family embodies kindness to each other, and teaches little jingles to help preschoolers learn to “stop and go potty”, understand “grown-ups come back”, and what to do when they get mad (healthy ways to recognize their emotions).
  2. Llama Llama – displays different animals facing day to day dilemmas, changes, celebrations, etc that help invoke social skills, kindness, and working together.
  3. Doc McStuffins– Doc is a great role model as she models a nurturing disposition, promotes healthy living and shares facts about germs and diseases that can help encourage a path for littles to explore the medical field and STEM classes in school.
  4. Sofia the First – Indicates a girl suddenly transported into a new world of being a princess, Sofia models grace, kindness, humility, generosity and learns different skills along the way.
  5. Curious George – helps ignite curiosity in preschoolers, a 2012 study demonstrated that kids who watched and read about Curious George, “demonstrated significantly better knowledge of measurement, hibernation, colors, weather, buoyancy, sound, sorting and plant life than children who did not.”
  6. Pinkalicious – This playful little girl faces day to day life and learns many lessons on the way about patience, confidence, the importance of listening, sharing, and empathy using song.
  7. Super Why – helps engage kiddos by showing littles transform into super heroes that focus on problem-solving, compassion, communication and teamwork while discovering letters, sounds and simple spelling.
  8. PJ Masks – demonstrates little kids transforming into super heroes to save their town from challenges at night, while in their pajamas. They explore facing challenges, staying positive, teamwork and doing the right thing.
  9. Sid the Science Kid – models great thinking skills, excellent scientific questioning, approaches science in a fun explorative way vs something you’re forced to learn in school, caters to kid’s curious nature and basic science principles.
  10. Madeline – this little French orphan girl faces day to day life in Paris at an orphanage with other little girls. Madeline resembles kindness, a strong spirit, doing the right thing, friendship, and adversity.

I feel confident in my four-year-old and two-year-old watching these shows with me on the couch with them or running around the house trying to do all the mom things. I think these shows teach them valuable lessons on life, social skills, emotions, teamwork and evoke imagination and curiosity about what life has to offer. I love that several of these are based off of books as well.


Lauren Wiatrek
Lauren Wiatrek is a native Austinite who has the heart of a nomad, and after moving 7 times is here to stay. In 2011, she married her husband, Evan and they have their beautiful daughters: Halen and Henley. After teaching for five years, Lauren started her own in-home daycare. Lover of all things outdoors, cooking, baking, hosting small gatherings and all things on the natural side, which birthed her oily obsession with YoungLiving. Lauren tries to travel every chance she gets and her happy place is in Northern Michigan. Recently, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and you can follow her journey at Be Still and Smile and follow her at @mamawiatrek.


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