Organic Flea And Tick Prevention

Even though school is almost back in session, here in Austin, the summer months extend way past the first day of school. It’s HOT HOT HOT until just about Halloween, which means flea and tick problems continue to haunt us. Because of the warm weather, we’re still able to enjoy hiking and camping and other outdoor activities; but that also means nasty parasites can hitch a ride home with us causing us problems long after our camping adventure ends.

A simple trip to a dog park can bring fleas and ticks into your home by attaching themselves to your furry friends. You may be treating your pets, but one trip to a dog park can throw off your prevention regimen.

You don’t have to be a pet owner to be affected by fleas and ticks. Even though pets don’t live in my home, we live near a creek and greenbelt making wildlife in our yard a common occurrence. Heavy wooded areas increase wildlife which can carry and drop fleas and ticks in your yard allowing them to hop on you during your next barefoot soccer game in the backyard. Not only do these pests leave your skin itchy, they can pass along diseases such as Lyme disease and others I can’t even pronounce. So I’m continuously concerned about these getting near my family.

The scary truth is that these irritating little bugs are developing a resistance to traditional chemical flea deterrents creating “super fleas.” Please don’t let your youngsters fool you into thinking that SUPER always means good. We’re not talking about superheroes here. Super fleas and super ticks mean they are getting harder and harder to prevent and rid once you have an infestation. YUCK!

Because fleas and ticks are immune to the effects of certain types of treatments, it’s important to have a professional exterminator assess your situation and provide a customized treatment plan. That way, you can be sure you’re truly eliminating your problem.

So how can we protect our family?

I consider myself a wanna-be hippie. I love natural remedies, but only if they actually WORK. Certain essential oils are known to be natural deterrent. Lemongrass, geranium, lavender, pennyroyal, and eucalyptus repel fleas. Try diluting these oils in a spray bottle to apply on yourself, kids, and pets before playing outdoors. You can also dab small amounts directly on your skin. I’ve also added some of these oils to wool dryer balls so all our clothes act as a natural deterrent.

Regular lawn and home care prevent fleas and ticks from spreading and creating a huge problem. Eliminate the breeding ground that can house these pesky insects by removing standing water and piles of wood or leaves near your home. Lady Bugs eat fleas so adding them to your yard and garden area can help reduce your risk. Inside the home, regular vacuuming can pick up bugs and their eggs, but remember to empty vacuum filters EVERY TIME.

Pet Owner tips and tricks

Just like for our kids, pet owners are increasingly concerned with putting chemical deterrents directly on their furry family members too. Chem-Free suggests choosing pet beds containing Cedar. Fleas don’t like cedar so it acts as a natural deterrent. Citrus scents can deter pests so try adding oils such as grapefruit, lemon and orange to pet baths. A small drop of some of these essential oils on collar or bandana can create a natural flea collar too. They’ll be protected and smell good too!

Protecting your family and pets from hassle and discomfort of flea and tick bites also means knowing when to call in the professionals.

Over the counter home prevention methods don’t always do the trick. Plus, I’m always concerned about my hubby spreading chemicals deterrents in our yard. He doesn’t have the training or professional gear to protect him from inhaling or getting these chemicals on his skin. I want to feel comfortable using a deterrent that’s natural yet effective, without putting our family and environment at risk. For tough infestations, Chem-Free can identify the source and eliminate the problem with their plant based treatment plans.

Organic treatment options from Chem-Free

This self proclaimed mama bear loves knowing what’s on my lawn and in my home. I am very protective of my family and the environment in which we live. Chem-Free’s team of professionals look for ways to treat your lawn using only low-impact methods. If treatment intervention is necessary, I love knowing that natural, plant based products are being used around my family. Chem-Free services eliminate the source and prevents future occurrences.

Why choose Chem-Free Pest & Lawn for your flea and tick needs?

 Low impact applications to minimize the impact to family and pets.
 Least toxic methods
 Organic and natural ingredients
 Environmentally friendly treatment options
 Chem-Free is Green Pro certified

Call today to have Chem-Free customize a treatment plan tailored to your personal needs and comfort level.


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