I don’t know about you but I LOVED Allison’s post about the Top Ten Registry Items You DON’T Need! I remember heading to Buy Buy Baby and being completely overwhelmed by the 15 feet high shelves and the 14 page list they printed out for you and not knowing what type of bottles I needed.  Anyway, to compliment Allison’s list, I’ve come up with a list of 10 Items You CAN’T Live Without!  Enjoy…

1.) Boppy. OMG we still use our boppy.  They are U shaped pillows that fit under your arms perfectly for the days you’re nursing and then transition nicely into prop pillows for the days when your kiddo can’t move and ultimately work beautifully for book reading as your toddler grows.

2.) Bumbo.  I remember when we passed by the “Bumbo” section I thought “nahh” we’ll never need that but it was great for playing, eating and traveled nicely.

3.) Space Saver High Chair. This has been a great investment for the Barry’s.  Our kitchen nook is particularly tiny and we don’t have room for a big ole high chair and so the space saver high chair has worked beautifully.  It also travels nicely.

4.) Playtex Disposable Bottles. The less bottles you have to wash the better in my book.  With these bottles all we had to wash/sterilize were the nipples.

5.) Pack N Play. MUST HAVE ITEM.  We registered for it because we “had” to but have used it so much.  Read about it here.

6.) Breast Pump.  I hated nursing.  In fact, I only did it for three days (max!) but I still wanted C to get the nutrients of breast milk so a pump was a great investment for us. I highly recommend a breast pump for all mamas.  Pumping also allows papa to be involved in feedings which is a great break for mom!

7.) Dishwasher Basket.  GREAT investment.  One of those things you pass and think..ehh..I don’t need that but think about it–A basket big enough to throw all of your pacifiers, bottle nipples, etc. in that will get washed while you’re washing your regular dishes.  Bliss!

8.) Bouncer. Another MUST HAVE.  The bouncer freed up my life! I could take a shower with C in her bouncer, wash dishers, cook dinner, etc.  Yes, you can do those things while the kiddos are in their swing or other baby holders but the bouncer is so light weight you can keep it close by.  Must have.  I’m going to squeeze the swing in this category.  Caroline wasn’t a big fan of the swing so it wasn’t the BEST investment for us, but I know for others it’s a Godsend.

9.) Playmat.  There are so many brands of these that I thought I’d be generic.  I’m talking about one of those play things that has the toys that hang.  These are great from the 0-mobile ages.  Great to let baby lay and play while mom and dad enjoy a glass of vino while watching TV.  Loved that thing!

10.) Travel System. I don’t think I REALLLLLY need to explain why this is handy, but basically having a car seat that you know is compatible with your stroller is priceless!


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