ashlee krauseKids are always saying something funny, witty, and sometimes things that catch us off guard and/or embarrass us {think the check out line at the grocery store}. My boys keep me laughing all the time! I try and post the funny stuff they say on facebook to help keep a record of it and I also have a book called My Quotable Kid that I record stuff in with names, age, date, where we are, and the quote. It is awesome!

ashlee krause

Here are a few of the crazy things the Krause boys have said:

  • “When I grow up I want to be Chinese” G – age 4
  • “Mama, when I grow up I am going to ask Santa for a coffee pot. Will you show me  how to use it because I think I am going to need it like daddy” P –      age 4
  • “What are assholes?” K – age 8 {this happened while watching Nat’l Lampoons      Christmas Vacation that we thought was edited :)}
  • “I’m starting to think Santa might live at Hobby Lobby” P – age 4
  • “I’d rather be a turd than a fart.” {I ask why while laughing} he says      “Because turds last forever, but farts disappear” G – age 7
  • “Mama, since you cry a lot does that make you a cry baby?” {this is due to      pregnancy hormones FYI:)} P – age 4
  • “Mama I am going to miss you when I am grown up” K – age 6
  • While asking G what he wanted for lunch he says “Let’s pick up K from      school and eat at Disneyland, while we are there I guess we should ride a roller coaster too!” G – age 3
  • “I   beans for dinner because they make me toot and I like that” G –      age 4
  • K:      “Mom, do you want a scooter power chair?” me: “What?! Why,      do I need one?” K “I just thought they looked like fun for moms      and dads, plus it will come in handy one day” age 6
  • “Can      I have God’s phone number, I would like to chat with him” K – age 5
  • “Yep      I am 6, that makes me a big kid and I think I feel armpit hair” G –      age 6

Quotes like these are absolutely priceless to me, I would forget some of them if I didn’t have them written down. I know we will be laughing about all of these forever and can only imagine the ones that are to come. I am sure our newest addition {arriving in approx 2 months!!!} will be able to hold his own on having funny stuff to say!

ashlee krause

What funny/shocking/awesome things have your kids said?




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