Being a stay at home mom is not a cake walk, we all know how hard it is. I am a stay at home mama, and wouldn’t want it any other way. I am a better mom for being able to be home. I have friends and family that much prefer the work scene. We all gotta do what is right for our family. I just want to snarl laugh when people ask “What do you do all day? It must be boring sometimes.” It is ANYTHING but boring, let me tell you! Sure, I have days that are much easier than others. It is exciting when I actually get to sit down for longer than 3.244444 seconds at a time. So what do us stay at home mamas do all day? Well this is just a tiny glimpse of things that happen in my day. The list would go on for quite sometime if I had pictures for it all 😉

image21. Food. These people I live with always want something to eat. Why oh why are they alwaaaaaaaays hungry? Feeding a house full of growing boys is no joke. I honestly cannot imagine the size cookware I am going to need to feed them as teenagers. I am envisioning economy size pots and pans!







image82. Laundry. Washer and dryer run everyday and there is always a pile waiting to be folded and waiting to be washed. {I cannot let my laundry pile up, it makes me lose my mind!} Dishes are the same way, I run that bad boy once a day.






image93. Homework. I am lucky that my kids don’t ever have very much at a time {bless their teachers hearts, I adore them for that!} but it is always scattered around the house. One child in particular almost NEVER knows where his stuff is. Wonder why?!

While on the school subject I will note that getting the kids up and ready for school in the mornings solo is the #1 reason for the next picture….my husband leaves for work at 6am when we are all still snoozing away. We have our routine down but I love mornings when he is home to help.






image114. Chai tea. If I wasn’t preggo it would be fully caffeinated, but for now decaf has to do and due to me psyching myself out it totally gives me the energy I need!





image125. Pranks and/or Farts. I live in a house with 4 male creatures of all ages {soon to add another}, enough said.





image56. Cleaning….especially the Danger Zones. No matter how often I clean them they are still always dirty and I risk falling in because NO ONE puts the seats down much to my dismay. It is not for lack of me trying everything. They have selective hearing. Reasons for all of this….see #5 above.

I am a bit OCD when it comes to a clean house, although I have learned to not be as OCD as I used to be. It is constant with me though.


7. image13Sleep. Ahhhhh look how peaceful everyone is. I, however, am not sleeping. Hmph.







8. imageMischief. Oh how sweet, the boys lovely aunt who I truly adore with my whole heart sent all 3 boys sling shots with ammo and a full box of enough candy to take out a small horse. How thoughtful of her. {Mental note to repay that favor ten fold when she becomes a mother bwahahahahaha (that was my evil laugh in case you didn’t catch that)}

Having 3 boys I have to constantly wonder what kind of things they are getting into….because believe me it is always something whether big or small.





image159. Volunteer/Room mom. My days aren’t busy enough so I fill time I don’t really have doing things for other people to spare them time. I am taking it easy this year due to being preggo and all, but am usually room and team mom for each kiddo, and am in Junior League. I really do love it, honest. The youngest loves to visit his big bros at school!







image1410. Bonding time. It is not abnormal at all for the Hubs and I to have at least one or all of the boys crawl in bed with us in the mornings. Have I mentioned we have 3 dogs?! Yes, well they often join us as well. Lots of giggling happens during this time. LOVE it!!!









11. Questions. We play rounds and rounds of the game called “Fifty Questions” many times a day. You know, the game that starts when they are 2/3 and possibly doesn’t end until they hit puberty? Yes, well I have been playing it since 2005. Jealous? You should be. 😉 I get asked (along with the other million things a day) if this cute boy has grown since yesterday. {In case you are wondering, he hasn’t grown since yesterday, but he has grown an inch over the past couple of months. Crazy!}






image412. We have FUN!!! Being a stay at home mom is my dream and I am living it. I may live it with out a shower at times, or make up, but we make the most of it as much as we can. I love acting silly with them and making them laugh as much as they crack me up. The giggles and smiles of my little boys makes all the laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, being a nurse, chauffer, tutor, the list goes on and on and on….completely worth every single bit of the constant & never ending work.


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