When I made the headband holder, I had just enough scrapbook paper left over to do
something cute with and it was clearly too much to throw away… so I measured it out
and realized I had enough to fill 2 5×5 frames from my favorite place – Hobby Lobby!
Off to the store I went, knowing I would score on the 50% off frames that week… and
the 50% off wall art!
My supplies:
5×5 frames
small resin gold letters
spray paint primer (my fave is Rustoleum)
spray paint in Heirloom White (again – Rustoleum is the way to go!)
Liquid Nails (I cannot craft without it!)
1.) First things first, remove the inside papers and glass for the frames.
In a well ventilated area, spray your primer on both your frames and your resin letters.
2.) Then go do something else for about 2 hours.
3.) Once the primer is set, spray your Heirloom White on. This took about two coats to get
full coverage and I decided to leave it over night. That’s the beauty of most crafts – if
you don’t have the time to finish it, don’t worry! It will be there when you have a few
minutes another time. (And then you can honestly say, “It took me DAYS to finish!”)
4.) Once it’s completely dry and you are satisfied with the coverage, measure your scrapbook paper to cut. I just put one of the inside papers on the paper and cut around it.
Insert your scrapbook paper into the frame so that it is at the forefront of the frame (put the
glass and cardboard BEHIND your paper).
5.) Using Liquid Nails, glue your letter to your paper. The thing I love about Liquid Nails is
that it will not expand in size like some other craft glues and it lasts forever!! I love it.
6.) Put something slightly heavy on top of the letter (like a can of pumpkin – why not?) and
leave it over night!
In the morning, check out your newest craft and set it on display!
These are in my girls’ shabby chic pink bathroom and with Christmas around the corner would be a sweet and easy gift to make for a teacher or friend!



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