The Austin Moms Blog family is growing again….the Krauses are having baby #4!!! We had plans to adopt and I shared those stories {story 1 & story 2} and then I wrote about the hardships of when one spouse wants another and the other spouse doesn’t. Well my husband clearly changed his mind because we have entered the second trimester.

I knew the night it happened and told the Hubs…he was very coy about it, but I knew. My symptoms started quite early, as in one week after conception. My boobs were killing me and I cried over a song on the radio that I have heard probably a thousand times without shedding a tear. That’s when the Hubs started believing me more 😉 even though we are that very fortunate couple that only has to try one time and I’m preggo. Fertile freaking Myrtle! We took a test a few days later…DING…positive. It was still kind of shocking to see even though I knew.

We waited just a couple of weeks to tell our boys, we were camping and couldn’t hold it in any longer. I got it on video and their reactions were soooo cute! I was completely shocked when they all said they hoped for a brother! My oldest has been asking for a sister since he was 2, but my youngest informed me he doesn’t have time for a sister ;). The middle one has switched and now wants a sister, not a brother. They stand divided.

The whole family is VERY excited! I can and will show my excitement more when this atrocious morning sickness subsides. It has been awful y’all. I had it really bad with my last son, but once I started taking Zofran it helped tremendously, this time I have not been so lucky. I still take that pill 3x a day and flip a coin on whether it works or not.

The last 3 months have been so very hard. My amazingly sweet husband has really stepped up to the plate {as if he didn’t enough already! Seriously…he is awesome!} and cooked dinner A LOT, let me nap A LOT, and just over all been a bad ass. My good days are bad hangover type days, and the more common scene is like me having a horrendous stomach bug. We cheer for the hangover days. It is sad! It has gotten better over the weeks, but every time I say it out loud I have 2 bad days, so I am done thinking the end is near haha. Plus he needs a gold medal for dealing with my hormones as patiently as he has. I have never been so freaking hormonal in my life…I laugh, I cry, I’m pissed, I cry more, then laugh because I cried. Insanity! This leads my husband, along with some others to think that baby #4 is a girl. I assume it is a boy ;).

Speaking of girl or boy, I am over the top excited for our gender reveal party in a few weeks. Some very sweet and dear friends are helping throw the party, and we all cannot wait to know what the lil’ nugget is!!! {Gender Reveal post will be happening, so stay tuned!}

Lastly while we are on the gender topic I just want to say, I don’t mind people asking me if we want and girl/boy or if we think it is a girl/boy, but for your own safety folks – DO NOT say to me things like

“Oh, it’s probably a boy, you poor thing.”

“Gosh, will you be okay if it is a boy?”

“It’s okay if it is a boy, we will still be happy for you!”

I could go on, but my blood will start to boil. Seriously people…SHUT UP. I am going to be over the moon if it is another boy! If we only wanted a girl we wouldn’t be having another baby and we did not try for a girl. We wanted another baby, regardless of the gender. All I know is boys and so I am extremely biased because I don’t think there is anything sweeter than a baby boy. If it is girl she will be spoiled rotten and we will love her just the same, but DO NOT feel sorry for me if it is a boy! Rude. I am happy and blessed to be adding one more to our sweet little family and a healthy baby is all that matters to me! {Stay tuned for another post similar to Allena’s “What not to say to a preggo“….with my extra spicy hormones this pregnancy it is sure to be a doozy :)}

Now it is time for me to eat more ginger and drink peppermint tea to try and subside the nausea.


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