In case you missed the news, I blogged a while back about our growing family in October…the Krause’s are having baby #4 y’all! If you keep up with the AMB bloggers lives {we are super interesting, right?!} then you know that my Hubs and I have 3 little boys. So the BIG question from everyone, including strangers, was “Are you wanting a girl”, “Do you think it’s a girl?”, “Did you try for a girl?”….ya know, the list could really go on. I completely understand people asking, it seems natural to be curious about it, however it did get kinda old.

Some very sweet friends threw an amazing gender reveal party for us at our house with our closest family and friends. I had a sonogram a few days before the party and the contents were sealed tight in the envelope that I handed over to one of my best friends. I am not sure who was most anxious to find out the gender, actually yes I do….my sister! HA. The Hubs was the one who wanted to wait until the delivery room, which I do love the idea of, but unfortunately I am not patient enough 😉

People placed bets on pink vs blue {majority of bets going to pink}….and of course there are the wives tales {which always seem to sway to both sides depending on what website you look at}…those seemed to be split down the middle. I assumed boy but the Hubs though girl….as for our boys: K wanted a brother, G wanted a sister, and P wanted a brother.

So what are you thinking??? Boy or girl? Well……it is a……………



The reactions from people at the party were kind of funny….I had been nervous about me having a really emotional reaction either way and I think people were waiting for it. It didn’t happen, I just laughed {probably a nervous laugh} at the fact that I was going to be the mother of 4 sons. It somehow sounded so fun and humorous, but insane all at the same time.

We did NOT try for a girl, we just made a baby folks, that simple. A fourth baby was wanted and that is what we got and while some may say it’s cliché we really just want a healthy baby. We both always wanted 1 daughter, but I also always thought I would be the mama of all boys. I laugh when I think about the amazing fun chaos ahead of us and I kind of freak out when I vision the amount of food I will be buying and cooking, I cannot wait for all the baseball and football…I could keep going. 😉 Needless to say I am over the moon excited for my little baby boy to arrive this spring, the shopping has started and after the holidays the nursery will be underway.

**I planned on having pics from the actual gender party, but the memory card bit the dust before any pics could be downloaded…I have it at a data recovery place hoping to get them all back!**

My super cute invites, due date calendar, and mad libs came from Katiedidesigns on Etsy, she was such a pleasure to work with and was so sweet and accommodating to what I wanted 🙂 I will definitely buy from her again! Here is a pic of the invitation she made for us, I loved it! The mad libs was the best though…so funny after everyone filled them out.

Ashlee & Brandon final - Copy


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