Worth It Wednesday: SwaddleSure by Halo

Oh, sleep sacks. You may have saved my marriage and life with a newborn. Sound asleep my baby sleeps in his sleep sack. I have gone through probably 6 brands of sleep sacks or swaddles...
weren't ready to wean

We Weren’t Ready to Wean…But Cancer Told Us Otherwise

I breastfed both of my daughters, my first daughter latched super easy and nursed both sides every feeding. Never burped, never spit up. Happy happy eater…happy happy mama. Then my second daughter was born...

Why Teethers Are For More Than Just Teething

Why Teethers Are For More Than Just Teething Parents often go to the store in a rush to buy a teether once their baby starts showing some of the signs of teething: drooooooling, disrupted sleep...

Finding Balance In The Thick Of Motherhood

Finding Balance In The Thick Of Motherhood This time of year, the winter blues can creep in. Or, maybe it's a struggle to figure out your identity with this new title of Mom. --I've been...

A Cleansing Feeling

I didn't make new years' resolutions this year so much as I made a commitment to feeling better, physically and mentally. You'll see several blogs from me this year that have to do with...
Austin ice cream

Guide to Austin Ice Cream

Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We All Scream for Ice Cream or at least my family does!  Yep, I said family. We all love ice cream. The two littles and the hubs especially.  My husband recently...

Is Pumping Your Way of Breast Feeding?

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I’m just going to say it: exclusively pumping breast milk sucks, and I’m not just talking about the pump sucking. When I was prego, I always planned on...
new moms gift guide

The Ultimate New Mom Gift Guide

We've all been there - someone you know has a baby, YAY! Be it your bestie, co-worker or neighbor, you still struggle with what to bring the new mom. Most often than not, you’ll...
Austin Moms Blog | Why I Chose Extended Breastfeeding

Yes, That’s a Toddler On My Breast: Extended Breastfeeding

So much about raising my first child has turned out to be trial-and-error {sucks to be you, son!}. A lot of decisions were made in the heat of battle because I just didn't know...

The Gear Guide: Advice from The BabyGuy Jamie Grayson.

Over the weekend I had the chance to attend one of Austin's most anticipated events for moms and moms-to-be: Gearapalooza.  The event was hosted by Bump Club and Beyond of Austin at the local Baby...