Social-Emotional Well-Being

Supporting Kids’ Social-Emotional Well-Being During Covid

It’s easy to understand the negative impact our changes in daily life because of COVID-19 have on our moods and attitudes. We want to be free of our masks and go out with friends...

COVID Has Changed My Life (for the better)

It has been a solid year since the pandemic hit (March 13th to be exact in Austin). I think back over this COVID time and reflect. I reflect on the good and the bad,...

Confidence Matters – Raising a strong son on the spectrum

“Mom! Those boys keep calling Sam a baby. They said he talks like one.” My daughter is running up to me in tears shouting this from the roof tops. I go to meet her...
Immune system

Natural Immune System Boosters

By now, we've all heard that washing hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask will reduce the spread of COVID-19. But what are we doing to strengthen our 'inner mask'? --The 'mask' we wear...

10 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

Do you have a new baby on the way? Whether it be your first or tenth pregnancy, we’ve all heard the “advice” from well intentioned friends. But, with so much advice out there, how...

Best Smoothies In Austin

If Y'ALL follow me on Instagram, you know I have an affinity for green smoothies. I try to enjoy a smoothie almost daily, and it's an amazingly energizing way to start the day! As a...
Love Your Body

Dear Body, today and everyday I love you.

Valentines Day, a day of LOVE, romance and all the yummy feelings that surround the act of being in LOVE.I’d like to attempt to rewrite, or add to this narrative, and extend...

My Preeclampsia Birth Story: From Plan-A to Emergency C-Section

Here we are in 2021 a year that’s started to be just as weird as the previous year and somehow a few short weeks ago I officially have a five-year-old. It's just dizzying to...

Where to workout in Austin

New Year, New You?... who needs that kind of pressure after the year we’ve had, right? But, if you are looking for a healthy alternative to sitting on your couch, binging The Home Edit...

How I Have Managed My Epilepsy from Adolescence into Motherhood

As an adolescent, I suffered a head injury during a middle school basketball practice. Knocked out cold after slamming my head against a wall the days and months that followed altered my life, and...